*Charlotte's POV*

Where am I? What happened? I thought to myself. I'm sitting on a couch in someone's apartment. There's a blanket over me, and some fuzzy socks on my feet. I sit up then wince at the insane pain that goes straight to the back of my head. Whatever injury I have hurts like crazy. A figure walks in the room. Brown hair, amber eyes, average height... "Dude she's awake." the guy said in a low tone. Raising my eyebrow a little frightened, another person walks in. "Matthew!" I shrieked. He runs over to me and gently strokes my cheek. I smile at the familiar touch and warmth. "What- what happened? Where are we?" I asked in a hushed tone knowing the other guy was still in the room. "You went over to my parents house to fight my dad and you got hit in the head." Matthew explained. I nodded slowly trying to gather the memories of what happened. Oh that's right. I kicked him in the balls. "And that." Matthew grinned pointing at the guy in here. "Is Shawn, the one I told you about." he said. I looked at Shawn and smiled. "I'm Charlotte." I said. "Oh yeah, I know who you are. This asshole over here never shuts up about you. He's so obsessed over you he even put fuzzy socks on your feet to make sure your feet wouldn't freeze." he teased. Matthew turned red and I laughed then regretted it. My head is throbbing, even if I do any little movement. I look at Matthew again and smile. Why can't I stop smiling? I must look like a wackjob to Shawn. Matthew pulls me in for a hug and I hear him suck in a painful breath. I pull away and examine him. There's a couple brusies, then there's his shoulder.. It's wrapped but you can see a little blood bleeding through. "Oh my gosh Matthew what happened?" I asked. "Aaaand that's my cue." Shawn said walking out. Matthew looked away not wanting me to know. He sighed then looked back at me. "My dad was going to slit your throat but I took your place. Look- it's no big deal." He shrugged. It was a big deal. It was all my fault. Why had I been so stupid and almost gotten him killed? I hugged him as gently as possible and I heard him let out a sigh of relief. "I love you so much." I whispered in his ear. He kissed my cheek. "I love you too."

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