Chapter 45: Cato

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I lay with Clove and watch her as she drifts to sleep. She looks so peaceful and perfect when she sleeps. She's always perfect but it looks like she hasn't been broken or hurt. I smile down at her and feel her warmth radiate on to me.

"Cato? Clove?" I hear someone asks loudly and I huff mentally. I slowly get Clove off of me and walk to the door.

"What do you need? She's trying to sleep!" I say angrily to the commander, he sighs and apologizes.

"We need Clove and Johanna, real quick" he says and I look him over doubtfully "We want to make a propo since they hated each other blah blah" he says smiling and I nod. I close the door and get Clove up, sweetly shaking her. She groans loudly, for her size at least.

"They need you and Johanna to do a propo" I say as she stretches dramatically. She nods and walks out, followed by me of course.

"Cato, we'll be in the woods near the creek. You can't miss it but can you stay here. We'll be back in about an hour" the commander says with a new team of film-makers. She walks off with Johanna and that group while I wait awkwardly on the couch in the lobby. I start to drift to sleep but I'm woken up by some loud banging on the door.

"Where are they?" I hear a deep voice yell. I look around carefully and see, 5 or so, peacekeepers with their guns aimed at everyone around us. They seem to actually be avoiding me.

"Who are you talking about?" I ask carefully, blocking an older woman from being shot with my body. The peace-keepers glance over at me and I can tell they recognize me.

"Clove! Of course. We were sent to find her because we receive news she was here" one of them says evilly, with the mask I have no clue which. I look at them angrily and feel them laugh.

"Well she's not even here!" I yell protectively. They shake their heads and I have no clue why. I wait for them to speak but someone else does instead.

"Yeah she is! They just left to the woods! By the creek!" one of our soldiers says proudly. I glare at him and he shuts up. The peace-keepers leave immediately and I lunge at the man who gave away Clove.

"You just sent her to die! You basically just killed her!" I yell angrily and throw him to the ground. I hold his throat closed and his eyes roll back into his head. I smirk and stand up as people watch both amazed and terrified. I walk quickly into the woods and hear a heart stopping scream that could only come from Clove. I run to the sound but they must have left, because there are no traces of anyone anywhere. I start to freak out and run back.

"We have to find them! They're gone! Both of them!" I yell angrily to the commander who nods sadly. "Can I go solo to find them?" I ask carefully and he nods, almost half-heatedly. Has this happened to him before? I walk quickly to my room to grab Clove's knife she left on the bedside table. She sleeps with it less, which means she's getting stronger but now she'll want to keep it on her all the time.

"Any one want to come with me?" I ask at the door and no-one helps. I shrug annoyed and walk slowly to the woods. I trace where Clove was supposed to be and see only on clue she was here. Shuffle marks from her or Johanna struggling and on single deep foot-print.

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