Bella's POV

I woke up to phone camera flashes and I realized that Jacob's arms were firmly around my waste and my head was in the crook of his neck. "Jacob wake up" I whispered "Matt delete that picture right now or I will rip out your eyes so you can never take a picture again" I threatened "I think its kind of cute" Jacob spoke up. I blushed and before I knew it, the pic was all over instagram. Matt had tagged me in the photo, so my phone was vibrating non-stop.

"We should go to Disney Land" Cam said. "Yaaaas" Ricky screamed. We got ready, I am wearing a cute blue skater skirt with a white shirt tucked in. Nat put on jeens and her Joey Graceffa t-shirt. I went downstairs and noticed that Jacob was the only one downstairs. I went up to him and put my hands over his eyes "guess who" I said in my manliest voice. "Umm is it Nash, Hayes, or Bella?" as soon as he said that he spun around and picked me up and put me on the counter. "I'm making breakfast, and by the way your finger nails gave it all away!" I giggled and joined Jacob with eating breakfast. "I see you to love birds are already eating" Kian said as he came downstairs. "Everyone went home to get ready, but Nash is bringing me my clothes because I am staying with him while I'm here in L.A." "JACOB, I HAVE YOUR CLOTHES" Nash screames as he bursts through the door. Nat came down with Trevor and she was still mad at him, but he was trying to talk to her. "C'mon please talk to me. Nat, I feel horrible for what I did and I am sosososososososososososo sorry. Please forgive me" Nat continued to ignore him, I know that she is just pretending to be mad. We all get into the limo that we have to take because we are 18 people. Even with a limo we have to squish, I have to sit on Jacob's lap, better than sitting on Carter's right? Nat has to sit on someone's lap, so to make Trevor feel bad she sat on Hayes's lap. I could see how mad Trevor is. Nash sat on Cam's lap, Cash is life, friendship goals, and relationship goals! We arrived Disney and everyone piled out, Nat is using her crutches, so she got out last and Hayes helped her. We went on a few rides, then we went on it's a small world. I was next in line and Jacob is behind me, behind Jacob is Nat, and behind her is Trevor. Nat was smiling when she realized she was sitting next to Trevor, I know that she likes him and he likes her. We got into the 4-seater car, Jacob and I in the front and Trevor and Nat in the back. "It was so funny watching you get mad in the car, there was smoke coming out of your ears" I heard Nat tell Trevor, their conversation was halarious. After a while Jacob turned to me and we stared at each other for awile, blocking out the annoying ride's music, he slowly laced our fingers together. I was probably smiling like and idiot. After a couple more rides we were about to head back when Jacob tapped me on the shouder and asked "Can I talk to you" "sure" we walked away from the big group "Umm.. soo I was wondering if you might, sort of want to, mabye go on a date with me tomorrow night?" Jacob asked nervously "If you don't want to it's okay, I totally get it, you probably don't want to go on a date with me..." he continued and I shushed him with a kiss on the cheek. "Jacob, I would love to" We made our way back to the group hand in hand. I noticed neither Nat or Trevor were with everyone else. I walked in the other direction and saw Nat and Trevor talking, Nat was looking at her shoes blushing like crazy and Trevor was smiling like crazy. They would make the cutest couple. They came back hand in hand and we all made our way back to the limo. I was on Jacob's lap, Nat was on Trevor's lap, and Nash was on Cam's lap. We were all so tired, Nat and I went straight to bed. As sleep took over, I thought about how great tomorrow night would be. 

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