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Since this book went from 40.6k🤧 i really didn't expect much from it. I mean I was making it out of fun but, I realize alot of people's actually like it. I wanna say thank you for everyone who read it like it , also vote and add on there reading list, I really  appreciate it.❣❤

Anyways i was planning on making more but lately i been lazy asf and since, I'm in my last year of high school I'm really busy on seeing what's next on my future. Hopefully once I'm done i may take out a long chapter book if i have any ideas. Instead for now imma just post a book of music i been listening to lately that you should give a try listeing too.🤧👏

Well if you guys every want a face reveal just leave a comment and I'll post it next time.. .

                                 See you next time
                               My baby'smochi💞

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