Theodore's Pov

This was it. I was about to come face to face with the Duke and Duchess of Denmark. I couldn't believe it. My parents had dragged me to a different country to meet their old friends that they haven't seen for years. The worst part was that they were making the whole family go with them tonight for dinner, especially me. I knew exactly what they're getting at with making sure that I turn up to this thing, blackmail was included as it didn't help that I'd had that problem at school with that chick. Man, did that chick piss me off. She may have the name of a guy but she was a real bitch and she was going to continue to be a pain in my ass.

I understand that my parents haven't seen these people in a while, they could've just left me at home so that I didn't have to be a witness to what is most likely going to happen, most likely anything ending with me walking out of this mansiom. I still didn't want to be here, in my car and driving to the Duke's mansion to play nice with his family and mine. It was a stupid thing to be doing but my mother was adamant that I turn up. Mother's. You can't live with them but you can't live without them. I smirked as I parked in the driveway after seeing my way past the guard.

I was late. My mother was going to have my head when we get home but she'll get over it. She always does 'cause I'm her favourite. I grinned. My mother was a softy when it came to her kids. I wouldn't be lying if I said that we all took advantage of that from time to time?Kopp p

I rang the door bell, laughing. It was such a trivial thing to see on a mansion this big. The door opened. I was expecting the typical maid to be the one opening the door but unless they hire kids then this must be one of the Duke's children. She had pretty blue eyes with bronze curly hair. She looked about the same age as my sisters, maybe 13 or 14.

"Who are you?" She asked with a frown on her face. She didn't look like she meant it to sound rude but it did. I raised an eyebrow and answered her.

"I'm Theodore. Prince of Germany. My family is already here," she was suddenly smirking at me now.

"Oh! So you're the one the Queen has been threatening to send to Alaska!" She exclaimed. I rolled my eyes. I've lost count of how many times my mother has threatened to send me to a secluded country.

"Yes, that would be me. Can I come in now?" I replied rudely. Don't judge me, I was aloud to have a bit of attitude for having to come here.

"Sure," she shrugged. "So long as you say the magic wor-"

"ELOISE REBECCA-BETH! WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT ANSWERING THE DOOR. We have a guard to do that for a reason. Oh! Who's this?" A very sophisticated looking woman came trotting into the entry yelling at the girl that I guessed is Eloise. She looked familiar but that was probably because I've seen her on the news. Yea, that had to be what was familiar about her. Except I swear I've seen those Hazel eyes somewhere else.

I didn't think on it too much, I was sick of standing in the doorway.

"I'm Theodore, I believe my family is already here. Sorry for being late, I had some... pressing matters to attend to." Yea, my sexual desires.

"Oh it's alright. My, have you grown," she looked close to tears for some reason. She waved Eloise out of the way to let me in.

"Eloise, go to the dining room please, dinner is ready. And don't forget to grab your siblings." She turned back to me, "Come in, come in. It must be cold standing outside. Sorry about my daughter, she never listens but I guess that is my fault for not being home enough to keep up the discipline." Ah so this is the Duchess. Wow. I didn't think she would look so young.

Wow. She was a chatter. No wonder she was such close friends with my mother.

"I still can't believe you've grown so handsomely. I remember when you were 5 and running around in your little batman undies, chasing my daughter around this house." She escorted me to the dining room, hopefully.

I only just caught what she was saying as I was staring in wonder at the vast beauty around me. This mansion was better decorated then my parents palace in Germany. What she said surprised me.

"I don't mean to be rude but I don't remember you. I don't remember ever having any friends when I was younger. Honestly I don't even remember my childhood," I admitted to her. She looked at me in shock.

"You really don't remember anything? Oh my. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything." She looked upset now. Great, I just upset the Duchess of Denmark.

I'm on a roll tonight. I wonder how the rest of this night is going to go?

Daniella's POV

I was heading down the stairs to the dining room when Eloise came running past.

"Careful. Where are you going?" I asked, she stopped, catching her breath.

"Getting the boys down for dinner. All the Royals are here. Their eldest son just turned up and my god is he sexy," she blabbed.

"Eloise! You shouldn't be saying that about boys yet," I hated seeing my younger siblings growing up. Growing up sucked.

"I'm sorry but wait until you see him, you'll say the exact same thing." And she was gone.

I shook my head. My siblings were crazy. But I loved them.

Now to face the Royals. Honestly I was nervous. Beyond nervous. I hadn't seen them since I was 11. Well I had seen them in magazines and on the TV but it wasn't the same. I used to love their visits. I wonder if little Dory still wears batman underwear. Or if he remembers me at all.

I was just reaching the bottom of the stairs when the herd of siblings started bounding down the stairs behind me. I was quick to be out of their way, I preferred to live the rest of my life, unharmed.

"Oi, watch wear you're stepping!"-Eloise

"Ouch! Michael that was my foot!"-Alex

"I don't care. I'm bloody hungry!"-Michael

"Cut it out you two or I'm telling mum!"-Eloise

"He started it!"-Michael

"Me?! You started it!"-Alex

"Stop it! If you make me drop Junior, Mum will kill all of us!"-Eloise

I was surrounded by morons. Loud morons that were about to cop it from Mum, who I just spotted heading towards us. I stood back near the front door trying not to laugh. Watching and waiting for what was about to happen.

Her eyes narrowed in on the three still coming down the stairs. They're doomed.

"Enough!" My eyes widened as they all instantly stopped moving and I grinned. This was going to be good. She NEVER raises her voice.

I was waiting for all hell to break loose when I noticed more people heading down the hall, coming from the main lounge. The Royals. I recognized everyone from the recent magazine photos. It wasn't until the last person came into view that I recognized them for a different reason.

Now my eyes had narrowed. What the bloody hell was he doing here?!

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