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Tay's POV

It's been two days since the phone call from hopeless records, today was the day I was going to say that the whole band agreed to go to L.A. and get signed, while I was making my pb&j sandwich my phone rang, I picked it up
me: "hello"

person: yes tay? did you and the band talk about it?

me: yes we all did and we agreed to go over to L.A.

person: okay now that we have settled that, we have to say it's urgent for you to come to L.A. so we booked a flight for all of you 6, and you're flight will be tomorrow at 11 am, is that okay?

me: yes perfect

person: okay, thank you so much, tay we will see all of you soon

me: no thank you, bye
I hanged up, but wait the man said 6, there is 5 of us in the band, I call back but it said the number is no longer in service, hm strange..... I call cameron to tell everyone that we leave tomorrow at 11 am and to pack up today,

I pick up my PB and J sandwich and sat down on my couch and binged watched "Orange is the new black" before I knew it, it was already 8 pm.

I turn off the tv and go upstairs to pack up. After I finished packing up, i set up the alarm for 10 am. I put my phone next to my night stand charging. I climbed into bed and drifted off to sleep
I woke up to the sound of my alarm, i turned it off and got off the bed. I went to the bathroom and fixed my bed hair. I'm to lazy right now so I brushed it and then decided to put a beanie over it. I brush my teeth and wash my face.

I get out the bathroom and changed into my ripped skinny jeans and a t-shirt. I grab my phone and place it in the back pocket of my jeans. I grab the charger and put it in the front pocket of my suit case.

I then grab the suit case and bring it down stairs and place it next to the front door. I wait for the guys to pick me up.

I didn't feel like using my own car to go over there. So might as well car pool over there, saves all of us gas and money. In the mean time I go makes myself a bacon egg sandwich and turn off the tv.

soon enough I hear a horn honk and I grab my suit case while I have the bacon egg sandwich on the other hand. I put the suit case down and close and lock the door to my house.

I pick up my suit case and go over to the car and then put it in the trunk. I climb into the car and I'm greeted by cam and Rob "hey guys"

"Hey tay" they both said in unison. we talked for a bit and cameron said some weird jokes but that's what you expect of this band we are all weird people.

"so guys who's ready to tour and such and get millions of fans im so excited!" Said cameron I laugh "ha cam I'm with ya" it was a 40 minute drive to the air port, we pull up to the parking lot and we got off and took out the luggage out of the trunk,

mike says "all we have to do is wait for Jordan" I see a car pull up next to ours and I see it's Jordan and JESSICA??

what??? what is she doing here this is strictly band business she's not in the band, not that I'm jealous or Anything hahah me jealous? please anyways whatever .....

my heart sank because we were also suppose to go car shopping together and he just did it without me maybe he did it with Jessica wow I feel stupid ..

he parks and gets out the car and so does Jessica, he pulls out the luggage and sets it down, rob says "now that we are all here, let's go and catch the plane cause it leaves in 20 minutes I grab my luggage and walk with it jessica is all the way infront where the rest of the guys were and I was behind with jordan

it gave me an opportunity to talk to him about this I caught up to him and said "SOOO jordan, Umm... I thought we were gonna go car shopping, I tried hiding that I'm hurt but he sensed it he said "and we are tay" I looked at him puzzled he chuckled and said "that is just a rental car tay" I said "oh"

"yea lets hurry up and catch the others don't wanna miss this" I said "ha you mean all of us right?" so.... why did you bring jessica along? She isn't in the band I tried to hide my annoyance

"yea I know she isn't on the band but she wouldnt stop nagging me and she said she what's wanted to go to LA so I gave in and let her come"

"oh well that's great I guess.. Well for her, and you" jordan looked at me and said "between you and me I actually hoped to take a break from her" he winked at me and said "hop on"

I looked at him confused he looked at me with a smirk and said "do you want a piggy back ride?" I gave him a warm smile and said "sure" I got on his back and he lifted me up and

I just laughed he started to run and catch up with the others we finally caught up with them they were already giving there passports and tickets to the lady

they turned around and I saw jessica give me a glare, I ignored it and told jordan to put me down he was still trying to catch his breath from all that running, I laughed and went over to the woman and I gave her my passport and what not

jordan gave his, we soon went through the metal detectors and went to board our plane

we got on the plane and waited for it to take off soon... Cali just you wait, we're coming for YA

sorry guys I just didnt updated on Wednesday cause I'm like a procrastinator queen and I didn't feel like updating cause I didn't finish this chapter cause the previous chapters I did they were already written in advance and such so that's why I updated them chronically every Wednesday but sorry once again until next time I'm pretty sure it won't be Wednesday maybe a Friday - jackbarakitty

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