on my way

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Jordan's POV

mike told us to go over to his place so we could record the demo, and then send it to different record companys so the better chance of us getting signed and touring all over the states and seeing the whole world

I call tay to pick me up, so this morning I got a phone call about a stolen car, cause apparently while we were at chipotle some guy decided to break my windows

and magically start my car and took off with it so now I have to buy a new one, until then tay had to drive me, which I hope she doesn't mind, but I don't mind,

tay picks up after the third ring ....
me: hey tay do you mind picking me up to go over to mike's house?

tay: sure Jordan, but didn't you get you car fix or something?

me: um no I didn't get a change to because apparently while we were at chipotle, some guy decided to break the windows and magically start my car and he took off with it

Tay: damn ha sorry but tough luck man, sorry about your car, and maybe we could go car shopping one day? well anyways see you in a bit, I'll be over in 10 minutes
me: thanks tay, and sure why not ?

I hang up and turn off the tv while tay gets here, Jessica comes down stairs and walks over to me, she kisses my cheek and says "hey babe, what are you doing today?"

I said "well I'm going over to mike's to record the demo so we could send it to record companies and maybe get signed, so I'm waiting for tay to pick me up" she scoffs and says

"why taylor, where's you car?" I didn't wanna fight so I simply said "tay has to pick me up because, my car got stolen while we were at chipotle jess"

she said "fine, whatever I'm going back to bed and later going out with some friends"

she gets up from the couch and stomps like a little girl that didn't get what she wanted form her parents,

up the stairs and she slammed the door jess can be such a pain in the ass. I hear honking and I look out the window and see its tay,

I get up and close the door and walk over to her car, I open the passenger side of the door and get in the car, she greets me with one of her adorable classical smiles

and I smile back, soon we arrive to mike's and we both get out the car and head for the doorbell, we wait for a few seconds and cameron opens the door,

tay said "I wasn't surprised I'd be you Hurley opening the door, she laughs and cameron says "shut it Jardine"

they both laugh and went down stairs to mike's basement, as soon as we got there mike said "now that we are all here, before we all start to think how to track the guitars and such, let's think of a band name"

Rob said "how about...... "rise against?" we all disagreed and Cameron said "how about the New Yorkers? "

we all looked at him and at the same time we all said "really??!" he said "well I don't know I thought it'd be good and we all are from New York" it took us about an hour to come up with band names,

everything didn't seem to quite fit us, some that cameron made up were like if we were at joke but we did all agree that they were funny

after some time tay blurted out "hey guys what about "the in crowd"? we all though about it and mike said "not bad I kinda like it, okay let's make a vote all in favor of the band's name being "the in crowd"?

We all raised our hands as we were little children asking a question. mike said "then we shall now be "the in crowd" now that we got that settled, let's record that demo, tay I know that you already got a few chords down, could you play it for us and we then track the drums and bass"

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