Bite My Tongue - Chapter 1.

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Disclaimer: I do not own All Time Low, Green Day, You Me At Six, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Mayday Parade or whatever other bands I may list in this story, as much as I would love too. And I give all credits to the bands for whatever songs I add in ;)


Alice's POV

I sighed and stuffed more clothes into my suitcase. My family and I were moving to Baltimore tomorrow and I was not looking forward to it at all. I wanted to stay here, in Oakland California. But of course I had no say in the matter and had kept my mouth shut, like always.

I guess you want to know some things about me huh?

Well, my name's Alice Murdoch. I'm sixteen with honey blonde hair which I absolutely hate and blueish grey eyes which I also hate. I live in a regular sized house with my 'family' I guess you could call it, even though they haven't a single thing to do with me. It's just my mum, my step-dad Craig, my little sister Abbie and my older brother Michael. I don't really talk to anyone anymore, not after the incident which is supposedly all 'my fault'. I don't talk, I draw. I express my feelings, the anger, the sadness, the hurt and the pain through my drawing. I had no friends really, I'm just 'the girl who doesn't talk'. The loner. The outcast. But maybe that will change next week when I start at Dulaney High (A/N I know I spelt that wrong but ugh yeah). But I doubt it. I'll probably still just be the new girl who doesn't talk to anyone.

I sighed, pushing the stuff piled into my suitcase down with my hands so I could get it to zip up.

I finally managed to get it zipped up, the only things not inside were my iPod, my sketchbook and my pencils.

I lugged my heavy suitcase to the door where Craig my stepdad was loading stuff into the boot of his car, a flashy, expensive one at that.

I turned on my heel and went back upstairs to my now empty room considering that the moving van had come earlier this morning to take every thing to Baltimore.

"Come on guys! Hurry up!" Mum screamed.

I sighed and tugged on my worn out and dirty black high tops before grabbing my sketchbook, pencil case and my iPod and walking downstairs, my older brother Michael following closely behind with his phone in hand, already texting all his friends.

You see that was the difference between Michael and I, he'd moved on and gotten over everything after the incident, he was popular at school and had a huge group of friends. But me? I still lingered on what happened that day, I'll never forget it. Ever. And at school I'm totally alone with no friends. Although that's probably my fault considering I really don't speak to, well, anyone really. It's just not worth it.

"C'mon move it." Michael muttered giving me a shove in the back.

I sighed and picked up my pace to the front door where mum stood holding Abbie and Craig was shoving all the stuff into the car.

"Michael and Abbie, you're in the middle. Alice. You're in the back." She said, saying my name with a coldness full of hate.

"Yes! Suck it!" Michael bragged, poking my arm.

I shook him off before climbing into the back seat of the car, letting the seats in front snap up for Michael and Abbie to sit on.

To be honest I was happy to sit in the back. That way I could draw undisturbed with no sticky fingers poking and prodding my page and no stupid laughing in my ear. Just me, my sketchbook, my pencil and my music.

I waited until we were all in the car and a few streets away before pulling out my iPod, shoving my earphones in and choosing on of my many 'Drawing' playlists. I chose my favorite one, a mix of Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182 and Pierce The Veil..

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