New beginnings

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I awoke from my nightmare to find myself in an unfamiliar place. I look around and recognize that I was at the home of the kids who saved me. I find the two kids from yesterday laying in another makeshift bed. I tried to stand up only to feel a sharp pain in my side. I look to find the source of my pain. There was bruised that covered my left rib. A pained sigh escaped Bakugou as he stands up. I walk around the home, feeling the counter, the walls, literally anything I can get my hands on. The walls were made of molding wood, so was the counter. No refrigerator in sight and it stink like shit in here and that worried me. I knew I needed to find those kids a home because the state this house is in now, won't last them a week in winter.

I hear a long yawn come from behind me. I turn around to see that girl from yesterday get up and grab a bowl. She goes to pot that was on the counter and pours herself that hellish soup from yesterday. "Oi, brat. What are you doing,"I said. "Eating breakfast, what does it look like,"she responded as she took a sip of the contents in the bowl. I felt like I wanted to puke. "Stop drinking that monstrosity that you dare call a soup,"I said as I took the half way finished soup out of her hands and onto the counter. "What the fuck do you think you doing,"she said as she attempted to grab the bowl. "Saving you from this shit. Consuming this crap gonna kill you eventually," I said as I further the bowl away from her reach. "Well my brother and I haven't died yet and we've been eating this for months." "Well no longer, you little brat. Obviously you lack survival skills and cooking skills. I'm surprised that you even lasted this long." "Oh Mizu, you're awake." I shift my attention to the boy who was slowly getting up. I watched as he walked his to the pot and also poured himself some "soup". "The fuck is wrong with you two. That shit is disgusting,"I said pointing at the pot of "soup". "You know what, follow me you brats."

 I walked to the door, the two kids following. As the walked, Bakugou tried to start some small talk. "Hey, even though I told you to follow me, why are you. Your parents never taught you fucking stranger danger. I could be a serial killer for all you know." "Honestly I don't care. Nobody cares about us anyway. If you were to kill us, nobody would even bat an eye. So what the problem with a couple of walking irrelevant things like is trusting in a could be serial killer." "You depressing little shits." Bakugou sighed as he know how it feel to be nothing. "Okay we're here." The have found themselves in an area full of lushes green leaved trees. "I want you two to grab as many  green leaves as possible. I'm gonna look for some mushrooms." I walked away searching for some edible mushrooms. I grabbed as many as I could and returned to the area the kids should be at. I witness both kids running around, laughing, smiling, having fun. There joy brought a small smile to my face. Damn these brats is already wearing off on me and it's only been a day. I walk towards them and clear mt throat. Them automatically stopping. "You got the leaves." "Yes,"said Jimen as both her and her brother walk to grab a bag full of leaves. "Where did you get the bag?" "Found it on our way here," JImen said as she lifts the bag. Mizu just smiles in reassurance. "Alight you brats. Now we need to rinse them off. Can you show me where that river you found me at, is"  The girl just nodded and started walking off.

They walked for about 10 minutes until the reached the river. Bakugou grabbed the bag and put a couple of holes at the bottom. He added his mushrooms to the bag and put the bag in the water. Letting the water from the water stream through it. After awhile he remove the bag from the water and walked back to the kids. "Okay, this should be good," Bakugou said as he shook the bag to get an excess water of it.  The girl just nodded and started to walk once more. Mizu beside her and Bakugou behind them both.

Once they got home, Bakugou prepared their salads that was made from leaves and mushrooms. "Thanks, I guess,"said the girl. "Your welcome you little fuckers,"Bakugou responded, taking another bite of his salad. After they were done they soon drifted of to sleep.

This was a new beginning for all of them.


Hey my little grenades, i'm back.

word count:817

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