♡ Miracle ♡

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"You haven't called me anytime soon." Marilyn winked and wheeled me out to the parking lot without my consent.

"I haven't really had time. I've been going through a lot lately."

"If you need to talk to anyone, you have my number." she said, I almost forgot.


"Call me sometime."


I wheeled away, feeling a little manly.. Never had I felt this manly. Scratch that. I sure felt manly last night when Alicia...

I hoisted myself up into the car and shut the door, turning up the heart.

"Who's the hoe?" Alicia asked subtly.

I chuckled. "So we're this far into the relationship where you start getting jealous?"

"I'm just wondering what made her feel so obligated to wheel you out here." she stated.

I reached over to rub her thigh.

"Don't worry about anything. I would never cheat on you."

"Mmhmm.." Alicia replied, not taking her eyes off the road.

We pulled up to the apartment  complex and she got out, carrying my wheel chair and helping me into it.

"I hate feeling so needy." I groaned.

"Speaking of needy, I need to go the bank tomorrow and take out money for your tuition."

"Ughh." I hung my head and used my arms to get on the bed.

"Well when you graduate and get a good job as a famous NYC top lawyer, you damn sure gonna be paying me back!" She mumbled.

"Yeah, yeah." I grunted.

She stripped down to her little outfit she always wore, turning me on a little bit.

She reached down to rub her hands over my stiff legs, causing me to stiffen in other areas.

"I'll be back in a couple of hours." She said, slipping some sweatpants over her outfit.

"Why you gotta go today?" I whined.

"You of all people should not be talking. Especially since I'm breaking my back to pay for yo damn tuition and physical therapy." Alicia hissed.

"Whatever." I said, ignoring her.

She walked out without saying goodbye.

I grabbed the remote, pushing the on button.


I pushed it again, harder this time.


"What is wrong with this TV?" I asked, throwing the remote at the TV, shattering the screen.

"OmyGod!!" I screamed, practically jumping into my wheelchair and touching the TV, touching it with my hands.

Glass all over the floor and my bleeding fingers.

"Shit!!!!!!!!!!!" I cried, thinking oh no. Alicia gonna have to pay for another thing because of me.

I sulked, cleaning up the glass as best as I could in my wheelchair and got back in bed.


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