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I ran inside to find Kale and tell him what had just happened, but he was fidgeting with his phone up in the VIP area by himself.

“Kale?” he looked genuinely shocked to see me and he immediately stopped whatever it was he was doing on his phone, put it in his pocket and turned his attention to me.

“What’s up?”

“Umm… I was going to err…umm…it doesn’t matter why are you here?” I said gesturing to the empty VIP lounge; I decided maybe it wasn’t best for me to tell him about the phone call. I mean it could have been some cruel and twisted birthday prank…right?

“I just wanted to clear my head… a few umm… problems at home”

“Oh? What’s wrong?” I said sitting beside him

“Oh it's nothing... all sorted out”

"I'm guessing that’s sign for your not telling me"

"Kinda" he said losing eye contact.

“You don't think you can trust me?"

"I do but... Look it over let’s just talk about something else" he stated clearly frustrated.

"We have to try harder than that if we're gonna make this 'us' thing work Kale. Whatever we had going on… I think that's over” I stated calmly.

How many times were we going to break up and get back together… and of all days on my birthday? I loved him…really I did but what was going on that he couldn’t tell me…

“Cass c’mon” I heard him yell after me as I walked away…some party I was having yeah?


I went back down stairs to find Marissa, on my way I seemed to take notice of people with their phones more than I used to, even Rach and Phebs were on their phones…okay maybe I was being a tad too paranoid about this phone call thing but… it was kinda creepy.

I was jolted back to reality when someone tapped me on my shoulder; I turned to see Zach… damn he’d gotten hot! Dressed in a simple black shirt and skinny blue jeans with a loose tie around his neck he pulled of the casually formal look perfectly.

“Hey” I said more breathlessly than I intended, resulting in a side smirk from Zach.

“Hi, so what you cut off all communication with me after that... Argument?”

My stomach flipped, “uhh… no I’ve just been r-really b-busy…” I stuttered.

Smooth, real smooth Cassie

“Ha-ha, relax… I’m over it…”, ‘not you though’ I thought I heard him mumble

“You wanna hang out; I’m not really having fun…”

“But it’s your party”

“I know tragic right? Let’s go outside or something,”


“So how have you been?” I asked trying to make small talk.

“Not too bad... Zero excitement in my life in comparison to you”

“What do you mean?” I asked genuinely confused.

“You know well first with the raceway/CNN thing and then I heard that you and Kale g-

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