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The day I confronted him

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Before I start I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who is reading!i never thought I could get over a 1,000 reads.So I'm going to try and update more but suggestions are still welcome❤️

I get up,go to the bathroom.I wash my face and brush my teeth..I do the usual but get into leggings,blue and pink tie dye top and uggs.

I walk downstairs smelling the delicious smell of pancakes.Yum.And yes I'm still confronting Matt,I'm not scared of him.Not one bit.But anyway I walk downstairs and my dads on the couch watching some show I have no idea of,"morning"I say."morning y/n"my dad says.I walk out to the kitchen and grab my plate of pan cakes."hey sweetie,morning"my mother says more upbeat."Morning mom"I reply.I eat my pancakes and just wait for Hayes to knock the door.A few minutes later he knocks and I grab my stuff and answer the door."hi y/n"Hayes says."Hey Hayes!"I say."so what lessons have you got today?"Hayes asks."well I have double drama first"i reply."oh,I think mahogany is in that class"Hayes says."probably,she's in a lot of my lessons"I chuckle.We get to school and meet up with everyone at our bench,only small talk as usual.as soon as the bell rings me and Mahogany go to drama."Matt is in this class y/n"Mahogany says."oh is he?"I ask."yeah,he doesn't normally Stare at girls,like ever"Mahogany says."well what's that suppose to mean?"I say."not sure,either he likes you or someone else does"Mahogany says.I Shake my head in disbelief.We go into class and I accidentally bump into someone."oh I'm sorry"I say."watch wher- oh that's ok"Matt says.I walk past and sit by Mahogany,"I bumped into Matt on accident and he nearly said watch where you're going but then he cut himself off and said its ok?"I say to Mahogany."ooh,he likes you!"Mahogany squeals."no but even if he did,I'm not interested"I say."good girl y/n!you're too good for any of them"Mahogany says.

-------Skip lessons-------
After break I have history,I walk with Holly.She tells me we have a seating plan and there's only one seat next to Matt.Great.I walk in and see a young looking male teacher."Hi I'm y/n y/s/n and I'm new here,where to I sit?"I ask politely."sit by Matt at the back,y/n"the teacher nicely says.great.I walk and sit down next to him but I say nothing until we have to work in partners.He starts a conversation."hey"Matt says quietly."first time we actually spoke"I say."yeah..I know"he says bluntly."can I ask you a question?"I ask."um,yeah?"he says."well why do you stare at me a lot?is there something I did wrong or?"I ask."no,I just can't help myself.You're gorgeous"he says."oh thanks"I say blushing slightly."I'm not all that bad,y/n"Matt says."what does that mean?"i ask."I get that feeling that you don't want to be friends because of my reputation"he says."well I guess"I say."why don't we Hang out tomorrow,just us and no one needs to know about it"He says."sure but I have to tell Hayes"I say."why is he your boyfriend or something?"Matt says sarcastically."no it's that I normally hang out with him"I say irritated."oh cool we'll meet me down that park tomorrow "he says."ok"I say.

....Skip to lunch....

I was walking through the corridor and suddenly I spot Aaron,I catch up with him and we start taking."hi Aaron!"i say."oh hey y/n!are you heading to the cafeteria?"he asks."yeah,are you?"I ask."sure,sit by me?"he asks."yep!"I reply.We get to the loud and crazy cafeteria and walk to our table.I sit down by Aaron,I glance around the hall and see a guy with a SnapBack on smoking from a shisha pen,he's sat with Cameron,JackG and Taylor.I'm pretty sure that's Carter.I haven't spoke to him but I'm not planning on speaking to him either.But then there's something about that Cameron that makes me get a weird feeling,he's hot I have to admit and he has brown hair and olive skin,he looks like he works out a lot though and I should imagine a lot of girls crush on him.Then Hayes interrupts my thoughts,"y/n,are you ok?"Hayes asks."sure just in my own world"i chuckle."haha,okay"Hayes says.The bell rings and I go to science where Caniff and the guys are.Great.But I'm with Mahogany so I think I'll be ok.We walk in and sit in our seats then when Tay walks in he sits next to me."hey y/n"Taylor says."oh hi Taylor what're you doing sat here?"I say a little sassily."just thought I would,you don't mind do you?"Taylor asks."what if I did mind?"i say."well that would be unlucky for you because I'm sitting here"Taylor says smartly."okay,whatever"I say."Taylor get lost would you?"Mahogany says."How about no"Taylor says.Taylor finally moved after Mahogany kept asking him to leave me alone,I'm kinda glad he did."So do you know Cameron Dallas?"I ask."sure,everyone does why?"She says."oh I just wondered because I saw him today"I say."yeah he's always at football practice,cute isn't he?but he's dangerous too see y/n"mahogany says.

......End of school....
I go to meet Hayes and we walk home together,"so are you still coming over to hang out today?"I ask."sure"Hayes says."listen up I'm hanging out with Matthew tomorrow don't get mad"I say."thats fine Y/n,don't get too friendly Ya know?"Hayes says."awh okay"I say.We get home and I go inside."hey sweetie!Dads in work right now"Mom says."oh,okay well Hayes is coming over to hang.Is that cool?"I ask."sure,I like Hayes."My mom says.
An hour later theres a knock at the door,I answer it and Hayes comes in."Hey Hayes!"I say."Hey y/n!"Hayes replies."So what do you wanna do?watch TV,video games??"I say."tv?"He asks."sure"I say.We watch TV and talk just doing the casual stuff then it's time for Hayes to leave.He leaves and I get into the shower and finish some homework.

hope you guys liked it!
I feel like it's rushed but I could really use some suggestions so if you have any do comment them❤️

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