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Part 8

I woke up feeling so much better than I had in a long time. I smiled to myself and sat up in my sleeping bag to look around me to find absolutely nothing.

I was shocked.

They left? Or maybe they were all a dream.

That wouldn't surprise me, the world seems to try find new ways to mess with my heart.

I curled myself up and knew I would have to be alone yet again. If it was real, why did he say those things to me? He invited me to join him! 

I sat there thinking how I needed to move on and get over it. The world was cruel and I needed to accept it and train myself to become emotionless. Against my will, a tear ran down my cheek and I told myself it would be the last one I ever shed.

I heard something behind me and I whirled around, telling myself it would not be them.

Jaydon looked down at me and grinned at me. "Didn't think we left did you?"

"Uhhh......." I gaped, my head whirling in what felt like a tornado.

"Is that a tear?"

"No, I just... yawned,"  I lied.

"Are you sure? When did yawning involve crying?"

"Actually it was raining a little," coming up with an awful excuse. (Give me a break, I was still half asleep)

"We're both outside, my sky is your sky," He smirked evilly.

"You're so corny," I said.

"So corny that you were crying for me?" I felt like killing him at that point.

"Can you stop probing and get me breakfast?" I asked, smelling campfire smoke.

"Sure, well, when you're done "yawning," get your lazy butt up and come join us for breakfast. We already packed up but decided you needed the extra sleep," He said as he smirked.

"Thanks," I said, feeling rather stupid. I'm sure I still had a shocked look on my face, because he had slightly hurt looking eyes.

He turned around and walked back in the direction of where I smelled smoke coming from, so I sighed and forced myself to get up. I caught up with him and kept pace as he walked and whispered, "Did you tell them what happened last night?"

"No, I wouldn't do that. You were depressed and distraught, why would I tell them that?"

I stopped walking while he kept on going and smiled that I was right to trust him the night before.

I followed Jaydon to the campfire where Sam and Sapphire sat on their sleeping bags around it eating what looked like sorta like pasta, ugh I wish. Wait a minute, I thought, It WAS pasta

I hadn't had a good meal like that since I left Sara's house.

"How the heck did you get pasta?" I asked.

"There were a few vacuum packed food packages in our bags, and we wanted a good meal so now here we are, eating pasta," Sam said grinning up at me.

"Um, can I have some?" I questioned, afraid to ask for their food. They just looked at me funny and laughed, while I just sat there wondering what the heck is going on.

Sapphire was the first to talk. "When we invited you to join us we knew we would have to share our food. Why do you think Jaydon was so against it in the first place?" She said.

I looked at Jaydon and he looked a little bit guilty, but covered it up with a grin. I rolled my eyes at the fact that one of the reasons he didn't want me to travel with him was because he didn't want a smaller share of food. I noticed the mood today was much lighter and happier than the night before. 

"Relax, I just don't trust anyone when we first meet, so don't get your shorts in a twist," Jaydon added.

"Whatever, I'll let it slide," I said, grinning and then added wondering, "Does anyone know where the next town is?"

"It should be through that canyon over there," Sam said. I felt a slight blush crawl up to my cheek remembering the events that had happened the previous night in the canyon, but mostly how Jaydon came after me.

I noticed Sapphire staring at me, I tried to ignore her and focus on my pasta, but she just kept staring. I was about to ask why she was staring at me when she finally spoke up.

"What's going on with your eyes?" She asked.

"They're changing color!" Sam jumped in.

 Oh great, I was to busy with drooling over my hot meal I didn't notice the tingly feeling in my eyes that signaled that they were changing in color. I didn't really want to explain this to them right now, but I guess I had to.

"Um, well they change color," I said carefully, "They change along with the weather."

"Really? That's so cool!" Sam said. 

"I would love it if my eye color changed!" added Sapphire, "So what does a reddish brown mean?"

"A sandstorm," I replied, knowing that we should probably take shelter before it got here.

"So, how did you get the power to do that?" Sam asked.

Well, he sure asks straightforward questions doesn't he?

I noticed Jaydon had stayed quiet this whole time and looked up when Sam asked that.

"Uhh....."  I couldn't bring myself to say that I was an experiment. Even though Sam and Sapphire said they were being chased to be experimented on, they might hate the product of those experiments, A.K.A.- me.

Thank goodness Jaydon jumped in.

"I think we should look for a shelter before the sandstorm gets here, don't you think?" He asked my interrogators like it was a question, but he was already grabbing bags and pulling them onto his back.

"Yea, we should go," Sam said, while Sapphire looked off far into the distance, and although i saw nothing, she seemed to. 

"He's right, It's coming pretty fast so let's move," she said.

"How do you know that?" I asked, still trying to see what she did in the distance, but all I saw was the regular barren landscape that I had gotten sick of.

"It's easy if you're a psychic," She said, "I can see that future of things that I look at. Unfortunately, it only comes in glimpses, so I can only see a flash of something before it goes away. I can only do that a few times a day before I feel too drained."

"Are you guys gonna stand there and talk, or can we get moving?" Jaydon asked. Sam and Sapphire looked at each other and I knew that they thought Jaydon knew more than he was sharing about me.

I silently thanked him for distracting them from questioning me and grabbed my stuff to head back toward the canyon where I had gone only slightly crazy the previous night and told a guy I had just met that I was an experiment- something I had not never told anyone before.

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