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"I love you."

Draco's heart seemed to stand still. "What?" he asked again. "But I'm a guy!"

Harry's face flushed. "Not...not like that, idiot! I meant...I love you, as like a brother!"


The two of them pulled apart now, the moment awkward. "Erm..." Harry said at last, breaking the silence. "I could heal that, if you want..." He motioned towards the wounds on Draco's arm. The blonde looked down.

"No, I can heal it. Don't want to risk losing an arm to your magic." His voice was teasing, but there was still a subtle tension to the two young men. Draco scooted over to grab his wand, which he then pointed at his arms, healing them. He then produced a vial of Dittany from his robes. Harry tensed, as Draco downed it, but he relaxed when he saw the label.

"Doesn't that prevent scarring?" he asked. Draco nodded, and showed the scars, which now appeared several days old.

"Yes. I brew it myself, when Severus allows me extra potion making time. I'm quite proficient at it." Harry gave Draco a quizzical glance, and the blonde sighed. "I carry it around with me, because it seems that...well...my dreams have been more and more frequent. Cutting is one of the few ways that I can relax."

It sounded morbid, the way he just said it. Draco grimaced. "I mean...well...I mean..."

"I know." They shared a long look.

Draco gave Harry a long, appraising look, before saying, "I see what you mean. We could have been really good friends you know, ever since first year. We are...like brothers, in the way we are..."

"Connected by the darkest things."


"You can always talk to me, you know. I talk to you."

Draco sighed. "I know...it's just difficult to open up like this. To have anyone know my secret is...almost repulsive."

"Your father brainwashed you."

"I know."

They sat there for a moment, sharing a moment of silence that was oddly soothing. The tension quickly died away. Finally, Harry broke the silence.

"Well, dinner isn't for at least an hour...what do you want to do?"

Draco shrugged. "I'm sick of doing homework. I'd rather do something else."

Harry smirked. "What about Quidditch?" Draco looked up at him, a mischievous gleam in his eye.

"Nah, I don't think you really want to suffer such an embarrassing defeat..."

Harry snorted. "Please. As if you could beat me."

"If anyone could, I would be the one." Draco looked so smug, that Harry was forced to laugh. Draco began laughing as well, and Harry stood up, offering a hand to him.

"Well, then, come on. I really must teach you a lesson then. Put you in your place, so to speak." Draco grimaced at that, and took the hand, hoisting himself up. "But first..." Harry pulled out his wand, and waved it, muttering a Cleaning Charm.

The blood was soon gone, leaving behind nothing but the usual dirty tinge to the bathroom, as well as Draco's impeccably clean clothes. Not a fiber was out of place. Harry raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment. Instead, he merely stated, "We'd better get into more suitable flying clothes..."

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