Chapter 2: Training camp

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"I'm late! " Hinata screamed as he got up from bed and went to shower quickly.

After ten minutes he was ready and went downstairs to see his mom.

"Eat breakfast first honey. " His mom sweetly said and offered him an omellete and toast.

"I'm sorry mom, I'm late. " He said apologetically and bowed. "I'm gonna go now mom! " Before he could run away, Natsu pulled him and made him sit on a chair.

"Nii-chan! You gotta eat! " She angrily said and puts the plate in front of him.

"It's okay darling. I packed up a lunch box but you could eat it in the bus for breakfast. " Their mom calmly said and offered the bento.

"Aww thanks mom! " The tangerine smiled widely and accepted the bento. He said his goodbyes and grabbed his bag with his needs.

He biked his way to his school and saw a bus waiting.

"Boke! You're late! " Kageyama greeted him.

"No need to shout Kageyama. " Daichi calmy said. He inhaled and looked at Hinata.


"WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING AT MY BABY? WANT ME TO KILL YOU INSTEAD?! " Sugawara said while hugging the tangerine.

"Could we just go? " Tsukishima suggested. Sounding irritated.

"I agree. " Tanaka and Nishinoya both said in unison.

They all looked at them in shock.

"What? " Both of them said again.

"Nevermind let's just go. " Daichi sighed and looked at Hinata again.

"Don't be late again without a proper excuse. " Daichi smiled.

"But you didn't even let me- "

"Okay that's enough bitches, let's just go. " Ennoshita said. Clearly done with everyone's shit.

"Karasuno! Let's go! " Daichi said and went inside the bus. Ukai and Takeda was laughing because of the nonesense that the team have been doing.

Hinata went to sit beside Kageyama and took out his bento.

Kageyema noticed this and looked at the tangerine.

"Why are you eating boke? " He asked and Hinata tilted his head cutely and pouts.

"Well i didn't have time to eat breakfast so mom packed this. " He said and ate with his chopsticks.

The members awwed at the cuteness of their number 10.

The ride was calm- nevermind.

Tanaka and Noya were shouting at each other and Ennoshita was trying to stop them. Daichi tried too but ended up screaming too because of the duo's stupidity. Tsukishima was sleeping with his earphones and Yamaguchi was looking out the windows and admiring the places they passed by. Hinata was sleeping and laying on Kageyama's shoulder. Kageyama's head was laying on Hinata's. The other members was clearly jealous but they let it slide since Hinata may be tired.

Once the bus stopped. They all woke up and got ready to head out of the bus. Hinata was the last one and when he stepped out of the bus he immediately went inside of the camp.

He looked for a certain someone and when he saw him. He ran and jump to hug him.

"KENMAAAAA!! " He shouted and chuckled. Kenma fortunately catched the tangerine and smiled.

"Shoyo. " He said and it made the tangerine smile. He felt hand on his waist and looked back.

"Chibi-chan~ y'all late again? " Kuroo asked and leaned in. Causing the tangerine to blush.

Kenma pulled Hinata away from the male with an expression of disgust.

"Hey! I was talking to Chibi-chan. "

"And he's not talking to you. " Kenma plainly said looked back on his game.

"It's alright Kenma. " Hinata smiled.

"It's 'cause of me we were late hehe~ but that's alright now because we're here! I can't wait to play againts you! " He excitedly said while jumping, making his shirt flew upwards exposing his smooth-light skinned stomach. The two males stared and looked away blushing.

"Eh? " The tangerine said confused.

"Chibiiii! " He looked to his side and saw Oikawa running towards him.

"Grand king! " He shouted back and ran to him. When they got closer together, the tangerine jump. Planning to hug him but Iwaizumi hit Oikawa's head making them both loose balance and fell onto each other.

"I'm sorry! " Hinata sat up. Sitting on the crotch of the brunette, making him groan.

"C-chibi. " Oikawa stuttered as the tangerine moved his hips. The other teams that was in the scene looked and glared at the brunette.

"A-are you alright? " The tangerine moved again and checked if Oikawa's head have any bumps. Making the brunette once again groan.

"C-chibi, can you get off of me? " Oikawa blushingly asked making the tangerine flustered.

"O-oh yeah! " He said in panicked and quickly stood up.

"I'm really sorry Grand king! " He bowed apologetically.

Now grand king hates me. I'm so dumb

"It's alright Chibi. You should do that when we're alone though~ " He teasingly whispered close to the tangerine's ear and chuckled.

"Y-yeah! Wait- " He blushed and apologetically bowed again.

"I-i'm sorry again grand king! " He hid his face with his two hands and blushed.

Oikawa who was also blushing, was hit in the head by a volleyball thrown by Iwaizumi.

"I apologize Hinata. " Iwaizumi said while getting close to him.

"You did nothing wrong Iwaizumi-san! " Hinata smiled widely.

Iwaizumi nods and blushed. He looked down and crunched up his face.

"You should probably take care of that. " He said to the brunette and pointed down at his crotch.

"Oh shit. " Oikawa whispered hide his bulge with a volleyball.

"Take care of what Iwaizumi-san? I could help! " The tangerine innocently said.

"Yeah~ You'd be a great help Chib- " He was cut off again by Iwaizumi throwing a volleyball at him.

"Hm? "

"Okay that's enough. Come here little crow. " Suga went close to the tangerine and lifted him up. Walking back to his team.

"He should've come to Shiratorizawa. " Ushijima said which made Oikawa startled.

What a lovely start for a training camp, right?


I'm not really sure where this training camp is so I'm just gonna say it's in Tokyo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Make sure to read the first chapter so you could understand this story! It's all explained in there :))

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