🎃Kinktober: Day 3🎃

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Kinktober; Day 3: Tickling
Emi x Fem! Reader
By request; @cute_mango
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Hey Sugar Plum! Wanna hear a joke?" Emi asks, peeking over the side of (Y/n)'s cubical at work.

(Y/n) giggles and looks up from her computer, "Sure. What is it?"

"What do you call a boomerang that doesn't came back?"

"I don't know?"

"A stick!" Emi laughs. (Y/n) chuckles at first then begins laughing aloud. Emi sighs and smiles at (Y/n) as she laughs.

"Oh man, why was that so funny?" (Y/n) wipes a tear from her eye. Emi grins.

"Because it was! Also, I love your laugh Sugar Plum.. I wanna hear it more."

"Guess you just gotta make me laugh more." (Y/n) shrugs, turning back to her computer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Y/n) and Emi drove home from work together and the both of them went inside their shared apartment.

While (Y/n) is removing her coat, Emi comes up behind her and tickles her sides. (Y/n) laughs and pushes Emi's hands away, "Hey now!"

Emi smiles and wraps her arms around (Y/n)'s waist, "Sorry Sugar Plum, your laugh is just too cute."

(Y/n) smiles, "It's never a boring day with you."

"I know!" Emi begins tickling (Y/n) once again, making (Y/n) squirm against her.

"Emi! Ahaha! S-stop.. pffftt—hahaha!!"

"No way!"

In (Y/n)'s attempts to escape, she fell onto the bed with Emi on top of her. Emi straddled her waist and attacked her sides.

"Emiiii~!! Hahaha!!" (Y/n) tried her best to push Emi off but all the laughing made her weak.

Emi laughing along with her, stopped for a moment, letting (Y/n) catch her breath. Her face was flushed red from laughing and she was breathing heavily.

"Geez Emi, you're really trying to kill me, huh?" (Y/n) smiles. Emi smiles and bends down, pecking (Y/n)'s lips.

"Just a little fun..." She says, burying her face into the crook of (Y/n)'s neck. "And I can tickle you in other ways too.."

Emi slides her hands under (Y/n)'s shirt and up her back. She traces a line down her spine with her finger, making (Y/n) arch her back.

Emi's fingers gaze over (Y/n)'s skin under her shirt as Emi lightly kisses her neck. Emi blows on her ear, causing (Y/n) to shutter.

"Emi~" (Y/n) cries, covering her face.

Emi smiles and traces (Y/n)'s legs with her delicate touch. (Y/n) shivers and shakes underneath her. Emi pushes (Y/n)'s shirt up and begins tracing shapes on her stomach, barely touching her.

(Y/n)'s breathing became awkward and shuttered, trying to avoid reacting to the touch.

"Mmm... E-Emi~!" (Y/n) covers her mouth.

"Don't. I said I liked your laugh, but I love your moans so much more." Emi grabbed (Y/n)'s hand and removed it from her mouth, holding it to her lips.

Emi proceeded to kiss and traces circles on the palm of (Y/n)'s hand with her tongue. (Y/n) let out soft winces and moans, squirming underneath Emi.

"Hey Sugar Plum?" Emi released her hand.


"I want to hear your laugh again." Emi smirked.

"E-Emi..! Let's talk about this! Don't you dare!" (Y/n) held up her hands in protest, "EMI!! Hahaha!! Ahaha!! Emiiiii~!!!!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you made it to this story, then you probably have noticed that I am very behind on Kinktober and my excuse is;

I LACK MOTIVATION. This is a very unmotivated week for me, I don't want to do school work, Wattpad updates, or work in general. I just want to lie in bed and do nothing.

My other excuse is I found a new mobile game to play called Fire Emblem Heroes and have been playing it nonstop since yesterday.

Please forgive me for my slow updates, I'm trying really hard...!


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