sixteen - louis

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sixteen – louis

        With steady hands and uncontrollable lust, Louis turned Harry around and picked him up, the boy’s legs quickly circling his torso. His right hand was fisted in his curly hair, the other one supporting his bum. He walked across the room with a dressed up Harry in his arms, finally placing him on the bed on his stomach, and beginning to remove his clothes.

            There was a weird knot feeling in his heart, one that the man couldn’t understand. It was not one of a mother’s, when she first holds her baby in her arms; not one of a father, who sees their son acting like a man for the first time; not event he one of a man eating a home-made meal from their spouse for the first time; it was a feeling of contentment and pride, but there was something more, something that he could not fathom yet, but it was familiar, a gravitational pull towards Harry, as if destined to be close to him and care for him.

            Louis carefully and slowly untied the knots at the back of Harry’s corset, watching as the restricting clothing slowly fell apart against his skin, which had now red, angry marks pushed into it because of how tight Eleanor had tied it around Harry petite body. Louis stared angrily at them; the only one who was allowed to leave marks on Harry’s body was him, with his teeth and tongue and hands while pounding into him and putting him in place, “Poppet,” Louis whispered in awe, leaning down and pressing his lips against one particular mark right on the center of his back, feeling hot skin beneath his lips, burning them as well, “Poppet, does it hurt?”

            “Kiss – “ Harry whined slowly, urging Louis to kiss him some more, and then proceed into other things as well, “Little, it hurts a little.”

            The marks might resembled futuristic art on Harry’s body, but Louis wants nothing more than to take this pain way. He places Harry’s corset gently next to his bed, then removes his diamonds and jewels, putting them under his pillows for extra protection, and finally sees the boy in all its glory; only with a slim pair of knickers, all bare and exposed, all his. He took them off as well.

            Louis then continued, leaning down and smother Harry’s back with light, feathery kisses that resembled touches of cotton, “Do you want me to take care of you, poppet?” he inquired, hushed and sweet, only for the two of them to hear.

            At first he listened to the boy whimper for a moment before he got an answer; Louis Tomlinson was a cold man with an even colder heart, but it seemed like Harry had managed to melt down Louis’ tough exterior and enter his heart like a soft, helpless knife. “D-daddy,” Harry whispered brokenly, blindly searching for Louis to grasp on, as if he was drowning in a vast, cold ocean, and Louis was his only hope. A baby, a lovely, pretty little baby doll, desperately looking for his daddy.

            “Yes, dove?” Louis said tenderly. He had never really wanted to take care of a person, let alone have such an intimate connection with any human being, considering that all human were absolute monsters, but Harry wasn’t like that, Harry was different – or, at least Louis hoped so. “Lord, I’m going to take such good care of you, Daddy’s little one, aren’t you?” the small boy whined impatiently, shifting against the sheets of the bedding in order to relieve himself from the clouds of lust he was swimming in.

            “You’ve been quite naughty, haven’t you now?” Louis continued teasing, smiling deviously against Harry’s thighs, pressing soft kisses against them, “Dancing so well in front of everyone, knowing that they were all willing to do unholy things in order to touch you,” he was being too honest, Louis knew that, and he knew that Harry’s innocent, pure mind might not handle it, but that frankly did not stop him, “But only I get to touch you, don’t I?” now that that prick was not in the way, Louis thought to himself, emphasizing his words by spreading Harry’s cheeks with his short, delicate fingers, taking a peek at his red, quivering hole.

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