Chapter 14

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"Everybody get ready!! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,!!! Happy New years.!!"

When the clock struck 12:00 Lucas grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him. His mouth desended upon mine claiming it as his. His tounge probed my lips asking permission for entrance. I didn't let him in, teasing him. He squeezed my ass. I let out a gasp which allowed his tounge to delve into my mouth.

A cough broke us apart. I jumped away from him but he didn't let me go far grabbing my waist pulling me towards him.

" Not to bother you but theres little kids around you wouldn't want to scare them now would you?" Shawn asked us raising an eyebrow a smirk adorned his face.

"Of course not Shawn. " Lucas responded in a husky deep vioce.

Shawn couldn't say anything else because we were pulled into hugs and kisses. Everyone started celebrating and cheering.

I need a drink. I thought to myself.

After a while I had a slight a buzz and was dancing by myself in the corner. Eventually most of the family with kids left because the kids were literally falling asleep everywhere on the floor. counters, ledges, grass and a bunch of other places.

Everyone left except me and Lucas. My parents kissed me goodnight and retired to their room. I was getting ready to head home when I felt a hand on my waist.

"You are not going anywhere sweetheart."

"Why I am tired and all i want is to go lay on my bed." I answered.

"I am not letting you drive anywhere with a few cups of alchol in your system."

"What do suggest then Lucas?"

"I'll drive you to your house and have someone pick up your car."

I thought over my options. I really don't want to argue. "Fine." I said climbing into the seat of his car.

He got into the drivers seat and started aour journey back towards my house. The cars movement and purr lead me to dreamland. At the edges of consciousness I felt a warm hand caress my cheek and land on my hand pulling it towards a warm chest.

"Sleep my beauty. Rest darling."

(I used computer emojis, Don't know if they worked.)

Waking up I felt really tired. Like having a hangover without drinking. Well now that I think of it I drank champagne but nothing else related to alcohol.

I rolled into the other side of my bed and I heard paper crinkling under me. I reached under my head and pulled out a small paper with writing.

Amore Mio, (my love)

I hope you have had a great sleep. Come to my office at 11:00 darling. I Don't like to be kept waiting.

~ L

The nerve of that man. Who does he think he is? My Guardian Angel?

Looking at the clock I realized that I slept a while. It read 9:30. Groaning I stretched myself to rid myself of the sleepiness still in my body.

I'm craving crispy bacon. Do I have enough time. Ahh who cares he isn't my boss he can wait.

Its all about that gravy bout that gravy no Brussel........ (My sister and brother keep singing that song)

Arriving at Alessandri Inc I couldn't get over how big the corporation is and how one single company provides so many jobs but at the same time can be a bad thing towards the community if that corporation colapses.

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