The Angel and The Dragon

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This is my first book i hope you like it!!!!! if there are grammar problems just let me know hope you like it..... thank you for reading




My life went to hell when my dad walked into the house mad. I was sitting at the dinner table with my mom we were talking about what I was going to do this summer. We both jumped at the sound of my dad slamming the front door and he didn't look happy at all. I looked at my mom not sure what to think, she smiled at me wearily she didn't even know what was going on. He walked in and took a seat next to my mom.

"I lost my job today but I have another job offer. The thing is we will have to move to Salem, Indiana for my job. I know that it's a little ways away but I already have a house set up there. My friend Zach that lives there he said that he has a job for me already set up." dad said.

"We can't leave! Mom, tell him that we can't leave! I can't leave my friends I only have one year left in school we can't!" I said with a harsh tone.

He looked at me but dropped his head "We have to Annabell it's the only way. We will lose this house in a month if we don't."

I didn't understand what was happening; all I knew was that we had to move. I stormed up stares and slammed my bedroom door. Why can't we stay here? Why does this have to happen now? So many questions were swarming in my head. I don't want to leave but we have to. I hate my life it can only get worse from here I just know it.

I stand up and look into the full body mirror; I looked in to my green eyes which seemed to glow all the time. I have beautiful blond hair that is down to my hips. I'm skinny and I have two scars side by side on my back that I was born with. Nobody knows why they are there but I never worried about it. Other than the scars I look like a typical 17 year old teenager.

As I sat in my room I started to pack my cloths in a duffle bag, knowing that we would be moving soon. Knowing my dad would be upset I went downstairs and grabbed a couple boxes and some packing tape and made my way back upstairs to pack.

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