guys i think i have ebola

no wait thats just boredome

so yeah whenever y'all send me really cute messages like "omg hi addy i love your stories" or just "hi i just wanted to tell you that your stories are gr9" it makes me just want to *prances around a meadow of rainbows and unicorns*

you guys are just asdlkfhkagsf

i just got a thing on my message board and it was like "OMG AYE ADDY I JUST WANTED TO SAY I LOVE YOUR STORIES AND I TOTALLY SHIP MIKARMENNNN (idk the ship name) AND YEAH LETS BE BESTIES AND GET MARRIED ps im reading your story on your other acount :-)))))"

wow that was pretty accurate go addy woot woot fothermuckers

but yeah that pretty much made my life

that was the first time i smiled in a really long time like you guys really know how to make me feel better and smile and laugh so thank you for always being there for me when im an asshole and when im depressed when im cheesy and when im just plain weirdo addy

i dont think i thank you guys enough

how many people are lucky enough to come home after a shitty day and be able to remember that you are here for me and be able to smile and keep going

im guessing not very many

you're all so sweet

kelsey 1, kelsey 2, sam, kristine, skielynn my fabtastic princess and even though alex isnt here anymore, thank you. all you "fans" that i dont know personally, thank you.

i cant believe you guys actually put up with my bullshit i still cant believe that.

im not just saying this because i dont mean it, and you better know i wouldnt give you guys up for anything, i love you more than you can imagine.

laughs, smiles, conversations, jokes.


you guys.

im done being sappy omg guys see what you do to me ugh



ps rlly hot picture of thomas sangster ur welcome

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