Continuing Astrids story!! Spin off is finally here!

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When her trip to Palmetto beach for her moms wedding is going just as badly as she'd expected, a conversation with a beautiful, cold eyed girl called Anya turns out to be the highlight of Astrids' trip. For weeks, she can't seem to get her out of her mind.

When Astrids dad tells her he's taking a summer job in Morocco, she's forced to move in with her mum and her new husband in Palmetto beach. She discovers that it's a much smaller town than it seems, and she can't help running into the Anya almost everywhere she goes.

There's something about her that intrigues Astrid, something that makes her unable to keep away from her even though she's got her own baggage to deal with.

But Anya is a car crash waiting to happen, and Astrid has to decide if it's worth getting caught in the explosion when it happens.


Hi! I've been working so hard on this, trying to capture Astrids essence as perfectly as possible in this story, giving her her own life and backstory and the ending she deserves. I hope you guys love it, as I know most of you are huge fans of Astrid in Loving the Girl Next door.

Check it out and let me know what you guys think, comment lots I want all your thoughts and opinions! I'll be letting you guys know how the update schedule will go soon.

Since I can't link it here, go find the story on my profile and happy reading! :)

Lots of love,
Vera ♥︎

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