"Please don't do this

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"Please don't do this. Please" Finley begged with his own tears. Aphy had never seen him cry before but it broke her heart.
"I'm sorry. I have to. This is my mess. No one can get hurt because of me anymore. I don't think I could live with myself" she whispered mostly to herself, but Finley listened to her words with a silent understanding.
"I never deserved him" she mumbled to Finley.
"You're the kind of soul anyone would be lucky to be with. And you don't even know it. The great ones never do" Finley whispered to her. It was crazy how in love he was with this girl. It was heart breaking she would never return his feelings. Now they really wouldn't be any chance.

Finley was tied before escorted out of the room. He looked back at the goddess for the final time. Memorising all her features; for the rest of his life he would only ever be in love with one girl. Aphrodite Kokkinos. She stared back with sad eyes.
"Please take care of yourself" she yelled behind him in urgency. She needed to know he would be safe.
"Okay" the very faint voice returned back to Aphy, causing her to sigh in relief. They would be alright without her.

Aphy was once again sat in the miserable chair. The figure kneeled so he was at eye-contact with the girl.
"Your not to bad, compared to everything i heard" he spoke observing the girl with a curious look.
A small giggle escaped her lips.
"The stuff you heard about me is a lie, I am way worse" she spoke in a deadly tone.
He held up a knife. Aphy knew exactly what was coming next. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes.

Memories of Kato filled her thought. Them dancing in the kitchen in their Pjs. They were baking cookies screaming the random lyrics to the song in the background in each other's faces. They danced to the songs. It was like life was finally good. But that could never before.

She opened her eyes staring up to the man who neared the weapon towards her neck. She wasn't scared. For sure, she would go to hell. But she wasn't scared.

Before the knife touched his neck the figure was snatched form near her. A familiar body was sat on the figure punching the life out of him. A gasp fell out of Aphy's lips. Kato.

I think what she's always wanted was for someone to be afraid of losing her. She just wanted someone willing to fight for her. He looked like a complete different person. Aphy couldn't lie, but damn he looked good.

Coughing away the inappropriate thoughts for that time she saw the guards nearing them

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Coughing away the inappropriate thoughts for that time she saw the guards nearing them. Before she could yell at Kato the guards were shot with a barricade of bullets flying in the air. Aphy jumped down holding her hands to her head she bent down out of reaching from the flying killers. After what seemed like eternity, a silence filled the warehouse.
Standing up to her feet she marched to Kato dragging him away from the injured figure.

Holding the knife to his throat she spoke.
"Who set you up to it?" She questioned.
"You don't want to know" the figure laughed causing Aphy to frown in confusion.
"Tell me" she urged pressing the knife down further causing the figure to wince.
"Your father" he said with a smirk.

Aphy was disappointed but not surprised. He really went over the edge. He wanted to kill her. His own daughter.

Aphy looked at the figure. She stared at his eyes. Those eyes pleading her to not end his life. The same eyes she saw back in her apartment years before. Those eyes, her first kill. The thought caused Aphy to scramble away from the figure. She couldn't kill him. She wasn't a cold-blooded killer. She wasn't her father. He didn't compare to her even by a single grain. Her sudden gesture caused to figure to tilt his head in surprise.

"Leave my friends and me alone" with those words she exited the warehouse. Walking straight up to Kato she rushed into his arms. Breathing in his familiar scent she sighed in calmness. In a fight they were lethal, but around each other they would melt.

It wasn't over yet. Aphy had to kill her father. The man who owns all of it. The ideas just sends excitement over Aphy. And that was the thing about her, she kept on surviving, with bullet holes in her lungs, and knife marks itched in her back. She never let anything get in her way. Resilient, a fighter, but by choice, but a warrior at heart.

Men fight wars.
Women win them.

Hey! This chapter took me the longest time. A big portion was completed by me sitting in my classroom. I swear I got so into the writing I didn't realise I began crying because the characters are just to cute. Let's just say my teacher was a little worried. I had to tell her I was talking to my mum. How embarrassing!
Hope you guys enjoyed.

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