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i can feel the rush of adrenaline


as vinnie stirred in his sleep, he gripped my waist tighter and pulled me as close as possible. like really close with no personal bubble at all. but his grip wasnt tight enough to hurt it was just tight. his head still laid on my chest as he slept.

it was around 8 when i woke up and i have no clue why because vinnie is usually up before me. i typically wake up around 11 but this time i woke up and couldnt go back to sleep.

i gently combed through his curls with my fingers as he nuzzled his head deeper into me. a smile spread across my face as i softly placed a kiss on his head.

it was around 10 now and i had to pee so bad. his grip was still tight so this was literally mission impossible.

"vinnie" i said softly.
"i need to go do something really quick"
"noo" he whined in a sleepy voice.
"no" he said while nuzzling his face into my hair.
"vinnie" i whined while trying to squeeze out of his grip.
"it will only be like 3 minutes and then we can cuddle as long as you want"

that offer made him let go instantly cause cuddles was his weakness. i went into the bathroom and did my buisness and yada yada yada.

i walked back out to see with laying with his arms open.

"simp" i said before laying down.
"only for you" he said while wrapping his arms around my waist.
"you are a sucker for cuddles"
"only from you"
"VINNIE'S A SIMP!" i yelled.
"WE ALREADY KNOW" quinton yelled back.

i heard the boys laughing from downstairs as vinnie rolled onto his back and pulled me ontop of him. his hands laid on my hips and mine laidon his chest to keep me from falling.

"when should we announce this?" he asked.
"whenever you want too. but you know that your fans are gonna die now that you have a girlfriend" i laughed.
"yeah but a lot of them are still minor's"
"im a minor"
"but your 17 and im 18. your turning 18 this year anyways"
"dont remind me"
"your birthday is on september 3rd" he taunted.
"shut up"

he rolled over so he was now on top of me of he pressed kisses all over my cheeks.

"stoppp, you slobbery dog"
"you love my kisses"
"nooo" i said while trying to push him off.

he plopped on top of me and wrapped his arms under me.

"i hate you sometimes"
"but 90% of the time, you love me" he said.

filler 🥺

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