the world's caving in, please hold me

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written on 9/28/20


we watch the sun shrink together

the tears have dried on your face

you know what you're leaving behind

and you can't seem to look at what's beside you


i don't want to tear my eyes away from the end

but i choose to focus on you

i am here for you

it's starting to grow colder

the light is fading

you finally start to look at me

i can't tell if it's because something changed in you

that makes you want to actually see me

or that i'm the last person you want to see

before the light goes out

is this the moment i finally say something?

if i'm certain the sun will burn out

i can't  contain what i feel about you, truly.

let's say right now, as you have now turned to me

you know these are the final moments

there is no one else

will you accept my dying requests?

are you willing to bring me close

as you once did with someone else

steal away the last moments to be one of our first

pretend the past isn't important

there is no more silent hatred

there never was

you should know everything i wanted was to give you everything

so please steal my final breaths from me before the world does


it's so vivid it hurts. so real, as if i were really there with you and you turned me away. i hope you're willing to stick around and see what else i create. thanks and love you. have a good night.

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