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“GRACE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF BED!” My mum bellowed as she stomped into my room. She ripped the covers off of me, causing me to groan and curl into a ball from the sudden cold.

“It doesn’t want me to leave though...” I whined.

It was one of those mornings where it felt like your bed was literally holding you hostage, and it was impossible to leave. Of course, it was a Monday morning meaning I had school so my mum was on my case. I had been late often enough, and I think she had enough of the school’s constant phone calls moaning about my punctuality.

“Right!” she exclaimed, grabbing my ankle and yanking my entire body. I toppled onto the floor with a loud thud. Now I was awake.

“Are you crazy woman!” I yelled, getting to my feet. “Can you say child abuse?”

“If you’re not ready in 15 minutes I’ll not only say child abuse, I’ll show you child abuse” she threatened. I couldn’t help but laugh at her comment.

Now don’t get the wrong impression, my mum is not abusive or violent, she is only playing. Since it was only me and her, you could say that she was more of a friend than a mother. A very strict and scary friend who would tackle me to the ground if I didn’t follow her instructions. Since my dad walked out with his slutbag of an assistant 3 years ago, it had only been me and my mum.

I think about my dad’s affair now and not only find it disgusting, but a right cliché.

Running off with the secretary? Could have gone for originality dad.

I haven’t spoke to my dad since, he has tried getting in contact but I refuse to speak to him after what he did to us.

“Jane could you please vacate the room, I would like some privacy” I smiled at my mother, using her first name as I know it annoys her when I don’t call her mum. She glared at me for a while, then walked out of my room, and I began getting ready.

I put on a pair of denim shorts, and a baby blue cookie monster t-shirt. I slipped on a pair of white plimsolls, did my make-up, brushed my naturally wavy black hair and I was ready in 15 minutes. It was impressed at my own agility.

I checked myself over in the mirror, and was relatively happy with my appearance.

As I made my way down the stairs, I could hear my mum squealing with excitement in the kitchen.

“Yes of course that’s fine!” mum basically screamed down the phone. “Yeah, you can stay for as long as you want. The both of you!”

I groaned at the thought of having one of mum’s friends using our house as a hotel. She said her goodbyes on the phone, and looked at me looking like she was ready to jump on the counter and start dancing.


“Obama and his wife?” I suggested sarcastically. She ignored me.

“It was Daisy! She’s moving back into town, and as their staying in a motel at the minute I said her and her boy can live here until they get on their feet!” she told me, and I was a little shocked.

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