A dirty Niall Horan imagine

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Imagine, you have just opened your eyes feeling completely rested after having the best sleep you’ve had in months. You are completely nude covered only by a thin blanket laying on the living room couch with your head resting on the chest of the boy who gave you the most amazing feeling all through the hours of last night. Last night you and your best friend Niall decided to stay in and share a pint of beer together and just talk about everything. You and Niall have been really close friends for about a year now . You share a connection that is unique and very hard to explain. On one hand Niall is just the good friend you can trust, drink and party with, and have the best time whenever you are together. On the other hand Niall is a boy you find extremely attractive and sweet. You love the nights when you and Niall cook together and innocently flirt before cuddling up in bed all night eating and talking before he would serenade you to sleep. Two weeks ago the sexual tension between you two was at an all time high. Niall took you golfing and instructed you on how it’s properly done. His body often pressed up against yours as his hands guided you to hit the ball at the correct angle.When you got home to your flat you decided to take a quick shower while Niall eats waited on the couch. When you got out,of the shower to your surprise Niall was laying in your bed with nothing but his boxers on.You asks him to leave while you got dressed but he instead he removed your towel,exposing your wet naked body and made passionate love to you until you both were weak. The next morning you and Niall made an agreement that since you both find each other attractive you will have sex but still remain nothing more than close friends. This sounded like a good idea at the moment but now you are regretting your actions. In the last two weeks you have fallen for Niall hard and without any control. You love everything about him. His laugh, his voice, his carefree attitude, the way he kisses your lips, and the way his gorgeous blue eyes just seem to go right through you. You really don’t want to ruin your friendship with Niall but, you can’t just be his friend anymore. As you rest in his arms you decide tonight you are doing to tell him how you really feel. “Good morning [Y/N] you look like you’ve had a good night rest.” Niall says as his lips gently kiss your shoulder. You run your hands through his soft golden locks and plant small kisses on his neck.”I did hun, now I’m going to shower You’re welcome to join.” You suggests while Niall’s hands gently rub your back. He smiles,”of course I will I have a photo shoot in an hour so let’s get to it” “Wait a minute, tonight would you mind coming over I’ll cook, I just have something I need to talk to you about.” “Is everything okay” He says in a very concerned voice.”Yes everything is fine Niall, I promise.” “Okay I can use some of your home cooking.”He kisses your forehead then lifts your naked body in his arms and makes his way to the bathroom. You both enter the steaming waters and Niall immediately wraps his hands around your waist and pulls you close to him pressing his body against yours his hands begin to caress your skin and you can feel that this shower is about to get hotter. You and Niall enjoy I very interactive shower together before getting ready for the day. You enter your bedroom and Niall picks out a light blue strapless sundress for you to wear. You playfully flirt as you help each other get ready. You dry Niall’s,perfectly chiseled chest and his hair while he sneaks small but effective kisses on your lips and neck. You get butterflies just from the slightest touch of his lips and tonight you are more than ready to tell him how you feel. You and Niall are finally dressed. He makes his way to the photo shoot and you make your way to work at the fashion boutique.After a slow day at work you arrive home and begin to cook. You make your famous lasagna with garlic bread and a chicken Caesar salad. You change into the white strapless dress Niall brought you for your birthday and you untie your hair so that it’s flowing loosely. As you put the finishing touches on dinner Niall arrives at your door smiling as usual from ear to ear.” You look beautiful [Y/N] whoever got you that dress has great taste.” “Thank you some guy Niall brought it for me, you might of heard of him he’s the cute blonde one in a pretty good band called One Direction.”Oh,Ive heard of them they are quite good.” After your,playful teasing he kisses your cheeks as one of his hands caress your waist.”Here I bought us a bottle of red wine.” “Aren’t you sweet, thank you.” You both make your way inside and Niall holds on to you from behind as you enter the kitchen. “It smells so good in here, since you did all of the hard work I’ll serve.” He prepares both of your plates piling on some much food you don’t think you could possibly eat it. You carry your plates to the living room and place yourselves on the floor which is a usual spot for you to eat. Niall turns on the radio and you both dig in.”This is really good [Y/N]."He kisses your lips, gently and continues to eat. “I’m happy we did this tonight because there is something that’s been on my mind lately as well and I wanted to talk to you about it.” You place your fork down and give Niall your full attention.”Okay, you first.” “Well remember about two weeks ago we made that agreement to basically be friends with,benefits or,whatever you want to call it. Do you think it’s good to continue like this.” He looks directly in your eyes and you know now is the time to come clean with your true feelings. “Honestly Niall no I can’t do this anymore”. He lets out a sigh of relief and begins opening up before you even had the chance. “[Y/N] my feelings for you have changed I don’t want to just be your friend anymore, I guess I should just come out and say it I’ve fallen in love with you so I just can’t be your friend anymore knowing how much I just want you to be,mine.” He literally took all the words you were going to say directly from you, so all you can do is smile as your heart seems to beat at triple speed. “Niall that’s exactly what I wanted to tell you tonight. I feel the exact same way I’ve fallen in love with you too.” His face lights up and he takes you in his arms. He kisses you passionately then hungrily as his hands move up your thigh. You move the plates out of the way and Niall lays you down gently on your back. You eagerly remove his shirt and he slides off your dress. “You are so gorgeous babe." he whispers before placing his perfect lips on your neck he begins sucking and kissing you.,He continues kissing his way down your body until he reaches his destination.You both reach your climax and you collapse on his chest completely out of breath. You look up at him and you both let out smiles finally knowing you belong to each other. After a brief nap you an Niall finally eat your dinner before cuddling up on the couch together and singing while Niall played the guitar. You have been together for three,months now and you couldn’t be happier your best friend is now your boyfriend.


Hope you like it please ote and comment if you want  an update Im thinking about writing a story called "Its been you all along"(Louis FanFic) what do you think well comment and tell me thanks love you guys:)

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