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26 January, Australia day Five months later 

Scorpio: It seems that good things come to those who wait, be ready for your happy ending! This will be a busy year for you as you face new challenges, but the hard work will be worthwhile in the end and you will have the love of your life beside you every step of the way.

Winter looked lovingly at the swaddled bundle in her arms. Her precious baby girl had finally arrived after an agonising twenty four hour labour, in which Dan had never left her side. It was his steadfastness and love that had helped her through the chasm of pain. Friends and family were now gathered around the Hospital bedside, eagerly welcoming the new arrival on such a special day. Balloons, flowers and other gifts were scattered about the room and glasses of champagne were clinked as a salute to the new arrival, snuggled and oblivious in her mother's arms. The weather was a sweltering thirty degrees and most people were at beaches having barbeques and celebrating the national holiday. But in the Hospital room, were slightly more low-key celebrations, even though the nurse on duty had already come in twice to ask them to keep the noise level down.  

Dan dazed adoringly at the two most beautiful women in his life and felt his heart swell with love. He had never experienced such love and fulfilment in his life before, nothing else compared, no amount of money in the world could pay for this precious gift. Although he was a millionaire, he knew that this was something money could not buy. He sighed happily, knowing that after all the time he and Winter had been apart, the heartache and pain they had suffered in order to find each other again, had been worthwhile. Finally they would be able to face their future together as husband and wife, knowing that there were no longer any secrets

between them or any obstacles from Vanessa nor Alex, both of them had found love and fulfilment elsewhere so Dan and Winter were free to frolic in their love for each other. 

"Well?" his mother asked, have you two lovebirds decided on a name?" 

"Yes, we chose Serena-short for Serendipty because if it wasn't for that, then Dan and I may never have found each other again." Winter replied, her blissful smile encompassing the whole room and everyone in it. 

Finally her voyage of discovery was over, she had discovered that love fulfilled life, without love, life would always be a never ending journey. She had also discovered the true person she was, knowing that she could survive adversity and become a stronger person because of it.

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