Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Eleven 

Scorpio: when you fall down remember to always get straight back on your feet again. There will be challenges but you will overcome them.

"Winter, are you ok?" Dan's arms grabbed her and and held her safely against his warm, wide chest. He gently lifted her chin up and he lowered his head to look into her teary eyes. Then his jaw tightened and his pulse throbbed. Winter recognised the signs of his anger and again she trembled. Roughly, Dan pushed her away from him and took a big step back from her. "Did you know Alex is here? On this ship? I don't remember seeing his name on the manifest. Is this some kind of sick plan you and he concocted so you can get back together?"  

"No Dan, how could you say that or even think it?! I had no idea he was here! You heard the terrible things he said to me, how can you think I would consider getting back with him?" Winter shouted.  

"I saw you with him, parading around in your black bikini, I thought we had something special Winter, it didn't get in the way of you and Alex before!" Winter's shocked intake of breath was so loud, she wondered if everyone on the ship could hear her humiliation. How could Dan be thinking such things? What she and Alex had shared was nothing compared to her feelings for Dan and she thought he knew that. Winter composed herself enough, she wiped her tears away with the back of her hand and stared flintily at him, before turning on her heel and hobbling away. As soon as her back was turned she was able to cry openly. Stumbling, she managed to keep going until she reached the lower decks and the safety of her cabin. Opening the door with one hand while still trying to hold her towel around her, Winter stepped into the cabin then closed the door behind her and sniffed loudly, wiping away the residual tears. As she turned around, she came face to face with Dan. Her face flushed and the towel dropped to the floor so Winter was standing again in her black bikini and nothing else. "Dan! What are you doing here? How did you get in? Oh of course, you're an employee you have a key!" Winter shrieked, in between her sobs.Again, she found herself groping around for something to cover herself. "Win, I came to apologise. I didn't mean to be angry, I was just jealous that maybe you would want to re-consider going back to Alex." Dan looked like a lost little boy, his shoulders slumped and his honey eyes melted her resistance. He walked over to her and held her hands in his. "I go crazy when I see you in that black bikini and I know what Alex was thinking seeing you looking like that, and then I let the green eyed monster take over. Will you give me another chance to make it up to you?" He reached up and gently wiped her tears away with his fingertips. 

"Oh Dan. You don't have to worry about Alex, he is so crazy about Melody. He only said what he did because he needed to vent and I happened to be in the line of fire." Winter replied as Dan stroked her cheek and ran his fingers across her lips.  

"Promise me you don't want to get back with Alex, and promise me you won't wear this bikini in public again. I think you need to wear something else, or maybe nothing at all." He smiled sexily, as he reached behind her to undo the strap. 

"I would promise you anything Dan." Winter murmured as she unbuttoned his uniform shirt and untucked his shorts. Then Dan kissed her and Winter felt the world around her tilt. She felt like she had come home and the only place she wanted to be was in his arms. They ended up sprawled across the huge bed, the sheets tousled and tangled as their bodies writhed together and their hands and lips covered every inch of each other's flesh. Winter loved the smooth contours of Dan's body, the petal softness of skin stretching tautly across well-honed muscles. She breathed in the musky scent of him and listened to the rhymic tattoo of his heartbeat drumming close to her ear, so close she thought it was her own heartbeat. Making love felt like their souls were embarking on a journey of discovery. Afterwards, as they lay in each others arms, Winter turned her face to Dan. "Are you going to disappear again as soon as the morning light appears?" she asked, smiling at him lovingly. "If you are planning on staying the night, we are going to have to break the habit of you leaving me alone in bed as soon as the morning light appears. Are you planning on hanging around?" Winter curled herself closer into Dan's body. Her question had two meanings, she not only meant for him to stay the night with her in her cabin, but she also wanted to know if he intended becoming serious with her. 

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