Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven 

Scorpio: "There are surprises in store for you Scorpio-don't look a gift horse in the mouth, just enjoy the little surprise, but you may have to show your vulnerable and playful side for a while, instead of always being the sensible and intense person you usually are." 

Nearly two hours later Winter was puffing so hard it took her several minutes to catch her breath before she could walk over to the huge floor length windows and peer out into the darkness. "I've been ripped off, I climbed all those stairs and now it's too dark to even see the view!!!" Winter complained. Dan came up and stood next to her, "If you look closely you can see the stars and the pale line of the sea in the distance, I'll try to open the door, and we can go out on to the balcony. " Winter felt her pulse quicken at the nearness of him and the gentle hush of his voice. Suddenly she wasn't hungry for food anymore, but hungry for him. She reached out and touched his arm. "I am sorry if I've sounded ungrateful, you have gone to a lot of work, and I love it I really do, because it means we can have some more time alone together." Dan managed to get the glass door open and it scraped noisily in the darkness. They stepped out onto the tiny, circular balcony and leant against the iron railing. All they could see in the night sky was an infinite string of sparking stars strung across the sky like a smile upon a face. It took Winter's breath away, and made her immediately feel small and totally unimportant in the endless universe. Yet she also felt as if all her inhibitions had floated away. 

Winter reached up to kiss Dan and as she did so, he snaked his arms around her and pulled her tightly to his chest. His lips felt cold and tasted salty but his body soon warmed her from the inside out. The torch light faded as their kiss continued, wrapped in each others arms. Under the starlight and the benevolent presence of the opal moon, neither of them noticed the cold hard railings pressing against their over-heated skin as they continued to kiss and undress each other. Winter stood in her lacey black underwear, her hair a glowing halo across her shoulders. "Wait here." She murmured into Dan's ear, as she stepped back inside to drag out the doona and blanket and together they spread it over the concrete floor and finished undressing, their clothes scattered in their haste to make love. 

Panting and exhausted they broke apart, but reluctant to let go of each other, they kissed and cuddled, staying close and holding hands. "Are you warm enough? " Dan asked, his voice echoing in the silence. "Only if you keep holding me" Winter replied, snuggling into his warm spicey smelling chest. They lay quietly together, leaning against each other, but eventually Winter felt stiff, so she scrambled to her feet and using the remaining glimmer of torchlight, felt around for her clothes. Hurridly she pulled on her dress and threw on her wrap. Using the soft doona as a picnic rug, she unpacked the goodies from the basket, exclaiming about the delicious contents as she dug out strawberries, champagne and glasses, salmon volevants and fresh bagels smeared with cream cheese, tomatoes onion and mushrooms."C'm lazybones, lets eat, I'm starving!" Winter laughed as Dan lay stretched out still on the floor. "I can't feel anything, I am numb all over" he groaned. 

"Told you I had more stamina than you!" laughed Winter. Together, they ate their way through the enormous amount of food. Dan leant over and wiped away a smear of cream cheese from the corner of Winter's mouth. The touch was so gentle yet so sensuous, Winter felt her spine tingling, she ached to touch him again, to feel him inside her again, but she wanted to make the most of the time with him to ensure they still had a connection of souls not just lusting after each other's bodies. Memories flooded back to her of all the times they had spent together, just laughing or talking or saying nothing at all. Like the time Winter and Dan had been at University together and Winter had received only a passing grade on an assignment she had worked on all through the night. Dan had been by her side, feeding her cups of tea and rubbing her neck and shoulders when they stiffened up. He had not disturbed her train of thought or interrupted her writing. He had known it was time for silence. After she received the disappointing result, he had taken her out to dinner and made her celebrate the joys of little things, like the swoosh of the waves against the shore, as they walked hand in hand along the beach, and he made up his own myths about the stars in the sky. He had told her that the Milky Way was created when Adonis (the Greek God) dropped his sack of diamonds and they scattered across the sky, but secretly Winter thought that the stars were wishes waiting to be granted, or souls of loved ones who had died. She wished she could see into the future, to know whether this time she and Dan would make it together, or was this just a prolonged goodbye, to make up for all the words left unsaid when he walked out on her before? Winter shook her head to clear her mind, she didn't want to waste their time together thinking impossible thoughts.  

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