Chapter Five

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Chapter Five 


Scorpio: "Look to your future, Scorpio, there are good things happening in your love life, but don't lose sight of your past as this still has the power to hurt you"

Winter stepped out of the car at the quay, and reached in to grab her handbag. Dan walked around to her side and helped her carry the other shopping bags she had purchased earlier in the morning. "Well, thanks for the lovely afternoon, I hope we have a chance to catch up again sometime." Winter pushed her sunglasses on and tried to appear confident and nonchalant. Dan took her hand and held it in his, his caramel eyes searching hers through her dark lenses. "Come to dinner with me tonight?" he asked. 

"Aren't you dining with the Captain, as part of your job?" she asked.  

"I'm sure we can work something out, we usually have to mingle with the guests, maybe I'll see you after dinner for a drink then?"  

"Sounds great, but I'd better go, I have a lot to do before dinner tonight." Winter leant over and kissed him casually on the cheek then immediately regretted the proximity between them as his body heat immediately engulfed her. It was difficult to break the contact, instead of stepping away from him, she wanted to be pulled against his chest and wrap her whole body around him and never let go. Winter knew she had to stay professional and keep her distance as this was a work trip and she didn't want to compromise his or her own job so she kept a clamp on her emotions, and pretended to stay aloof. Besides, they had only kissed, nothing else had happened and they had made no promises to each other, she didn't even know if he was single like her or not! Hauling her handbag over her shoulder, she stepped out of his personal space and turned to glance at him as she walked back to the yacht. His expression was unreadable behind his aviator sunglasses but she recognised the tilt of his jaw and the tiny smile titling at the corners of his mouth, from previous experience, that meant he had a plan in mind. Winter felt proud of herself for walking away from him, she had faced him again after all that time, and had managed to keep her distance, now all she had to do was keep her heart in check. 

Arriving back in her suite, Winter unpacked her purchases and poured herself a glass of white wine, she needed something to numb her emotions. After a brief cool shower and a change of clothes, Winter was ready to head out to the restaurant to meet the others for dinner. She checked her mobile for messages from Claude or Melody, as to whether they wanted to join them, and discovered that they were already at the Hibiscus Bar, drinking cocktails. Winter poured herself another wine, then plopped onto the huge bed, so she could strap up her sandals, but after the second glass, and a long day out in the fresh air, she started to feel drowsy and was soon asleep, fully clothed on top of the immaculately made bed. She slept through dinner, and missed the drinks date with Dan, dreaming of him curled up next to her like he had in the past. She dreamt of him whispering endearments to her and touching her flat stomach and murmuring to their unborn baby. Winter slept through the knocking on the door, her limbs tangled in the sheet as she tossed and turned, her angel hair spread out across the pillows. She dreamt of her father in the yacht and the terrible day he died, mingled with her adolescent memories of her and Dan in their hidden tree house. The knocking became more insistent then stopped as outside her cabin door, Dan glanced furtively around to make sure no-one saw him pull out his master keys to open the door. He had been unable to enjoy the sumptuous meal or drinks after Winter hadn't turned up and he had searched the ship trying to find her. Searching in her cabin was the last chance. As he entered the darkened cabin, he stopped and breathed in the familiar scent of her perfume, she still wore the same one he had bought her years before. The scent was so evocative of her personality, sweet, florally and sexy. He walked quietly across to the bed and gasped as he saw her asleep. Her dress had ruched up to reveal one tanned thigh, and the v-neck had slid down to reveal a moon curve of her breast. She moaned softly in her sleep and he thought he heard his name. Without thinking, he moved across to the bed and slipped into her buttercup, his palm resting on her flat stomach, his face in her hair. He was unsure of how long they stayed like that for, he was locked in his memories of the past, remembering the times they had been exhausted after passionate lovemaking when they had finally fallen asleep, spooned around each other, just like now. As the room darkened further, and the night wore on, they slept, until Winter moved her thigh which pressed up against something hard. Gradually her sleepiness wore off, and she stretched, wondering at the extra weight on the bed. Bleary eyed she glanced at the other side of her bed and screamed as she recognised the outline of a figure beside her. The figure started awake, reaching out towards her and telling her to be quiet. Winter scrambled off the bed, and adjusted her dress, and tried to back away from the bed. She had no idea how sexy she looked, all tousled and sleepy. Dan rolled off the other side of the bed and approached her, still holding his hands out in front of him to re-assure her, but she screamed again, and backed herself against the bathroom door, holding one of her stilettos in her hand and brandishing it at him. "Win, Win, it's me, it's ok, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm sorry if I scared you." Dan stopped and reached out to take the shoe out of her hand. Winter allowed him to take her wrist and dropped the shoe. She was still shaking and her eyes were huge and darted around the room, like a full moon peeping out from behind the clouds. "Please don't scream again, you'll have security bashing the door down. I just wanted to find out why you stood me up after dinner." Dan smiled his lopsided smile of apology at her. But this time she wasn't buying his charm, her dreams had been full of him and all along he was in her bed beside her. What was he thinking? "You scared the hell out of me Dan, I don't know what you were thinking!!!! How long were you in my bed?" Winter 's voice held notes of steele, her heart was still thumping, partly through fear, but mostly due to the proximity of his body against hers and the erotic thoughts and dreams which haunted her while he lay beside her. 

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