Chapter Four

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Chapter Four 

Scorpio: "Romance is in the air for Scorpios, just remember to take the opportunities as they arise or you will have regrets later on"

Finally they stopped the car and got out to stretch their legs. "Are we there?" Is this what you wanted to show me?" Winter asked, glancing around at yet more breathtaking beautiful scenery. "Not quite, it's just that the road ends here, we will have to walk the rest of the way, don't worry it's not far! Leave your stuff in the car, all you'll need is your camera; this is truly something you will never want to forget!" 

"Mmm sounds intriguing, I've got what I need, so lead the way!" Winter followed Dan down a bush track, she never would have found the path on her own, it was so obscured by the large ferns and other undergrowth, she wondered how he knew it was here. The birdsong was lyrical and loud around them and echoed as if they were listening in a concert hall. Although it had been humid at the beach, now the air cooled down as they walked deeper into the rainforest, and Winter felt drops of perspiration snake down between her shoulder blades. Around the corner and past the fronds of giant ferns, they came to a standstill. Dan stood aside to let Winter take in the majestic view. Her eyes were wide and her mouth formed an O as she gazed in wonder at the huge waterfall before her. The roar and thundering of the water competed with the bird song and the beating of her heart. It felt like she had stepped back in time when dinosaurs walked the earth. The forest was totally natural, untouched by humans and it was by far the most beautiful and inspiring sight of her trip. She knew Dan had been right when he said she would never be able to forget it. 

Dan walked over to stand beside her, glancing at her profile and smiled, she was as smitten with the sight as he'd hoped she'd be. "Well, pretty spectacular don't you think? Did I do ok taking you here to see this?"  

"You did more than ok, this is fantastic!" Winter reached over and hugged him, then, catching the scent of his aftershave tinged with his masculine muskiness, remembered she was trying to keep things platonic, so she quickly stepped away to keep her pulse from raising even more. Winter fiddled with the settings on her camera, then focussed the lens on the view as an excuse to keep her red cheeks out of Dan's sight. Dan sensed she was feeling awkward and tried to lighten the mood, "Feel like another swim? It's a totally different experience to swim in a waterfall! You can leave your stuff here and it will be safe while we have a swim." Dan pulled his uniform shirt off, revealing a very tightly muscled torso. Winter tried to look away, but couldn't resist a peek while he was struggling out of his shorts to reveal his blue speedos. "Maybe this wasn't a good idea" Winter mumbled under her breath.  

"C'mon, Winnie, you'll love it!" Dan cajoled using her familiar nickname, as he walked to the edge of the pool and sat on a boulder watching her. Shakily, she pulled her damp t-shirt over her head, hiding her face in the fabric for several seconds, trying to compose herself. When she bent over to remove her shorts she felt Dan's lascivious gaze on her burning her skin like sunburn. Her black bikini was still damp from her previous swim, she was grateful for the coolness of the fabric against her overheated skin. "Ok, I'm ready", she tossed her t-shirt on the pile with her other clothes and sauntered over to the edge of the rock pool. "First one to the other side is the winner!" she called, diving into the crystal clear water, and using strong sure stokes, she swam fast through the water. But Dan grabbed her ankle under the surface and pulled her under, kissing her before they rose to the surface, then he swam on ahead in first place. Winter surfaced, coughing and spluttering, and smoothing her hair out of her eyes. "That's cheating!" she laughed, treading water in front of Dan. 

"I don't care, all's fair in love and war, I won so I want my prize" Dan replied, His lips tilting at the corners mischievously, he swum towards her, so they were only an arm's length apart. "Dare I ask what you want as a prize?" Winter asked, swallowing her trepidation. 

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