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My chat is never going to let me live this down. And honestly? I don't blame them.

I groan loudly as I get knocked out of the sky for the umpteenth time in Bedwars -- a game that I explicitly made clear to me viewers that I am God-awful at...which only seemed to make them request it even more. I roll my eyes pointedly and scoff in disgust, leaving the game and sitting in the lobby.

"Chat, I told you I suck at this -- why can't you let me play a game that I'm good at? Do you all enjoy watching me suffer that much?"

Before long, chat is filled with green "YEA"s. I shake my head in slight disbelief, chuckling. "Okay, well, first of all, I barely ever play this game, so it isn't my fault that I'm..." I pause to find the right word. "Inexperienced. And second, it isn't my fault that the best Minecraft players in the world decided that they'd play right now, okay. Actually --" I smile and pull out me phone, opening the Twitch app before nodding sagely. "Yep, it's just as I thought. Dream, Wilbur, and Tommy just so happen to be streaming right now. The energy is unbalanced, it's throwing me off my game -- chat, I am not a simp!!"

I exit Minecraft to start to end my stream and read out the last few donos that I didn't catch while playing. I tilt my head to the side once I'm finished and ask chat, "Should I raid someone? Who should I...none of my friends are streaming right now."

I squint at chat for an answer and scoff. "Yeah, I know it's because it's like midnight for my only streamer friend, I don't care -- now give me an answer!!" The chat starts to fill up with the names of different streamers, some that I don't even recognize, but one name was overwhelming...

"Chat, I'm not going to raid Dream, that'd be so weird -- isn't there a limit when it comes to these things?" I turn a little pink, trying to look indignant but really just looking embarrassed. "The guy's already at like, 100k. No -- guys, pick someone else. Tommy? Fine, Tommy."

In a few moments, most of my viewers have been booted onto Tommy's stream, who generally looks confused before his chat starts filling up.

whatpumpkin413: skelpie raid!!
callmecarpaltunnel: skelpie raaaaiiddddd
julianya: omg tommy do you even know who this is

I watch Tommy's stream for a moment as the confusion partially lifts from the young boy's face. "I don't...know who this is, but thank you for the raid of...14k, Jesus Christ!" He dissolves into his trademark cackle, and I can't help but smile.

skelpie: heart been broke so many times, don't know what to believe
tally_fall: skelpie shoulda raided wilbur smh
summersufferer: dw skelpie he's always like this >.>

"Wh -- no, I'm not being rude, I'm just stating -- you know what, nevermind. Shut up, chat." Tommy huffs in annoyance and you laugh. 

skelpie: lol it's like 12AM in bst go to bed you literal child.
skelpie: anyways have fun w/ my chat they're even crazier than yours, im going to bed.

I close out Twitch and stretch, yawning slightly and rubbing my eyes. I open up Twitter and decide to send out just one tweet before crashing for the night. Yeah, it's only seven PM, but I did pull an all-nighter yesterday. And I've been busy literally all day, so nobody can blame me for being literally exhausted.

That...probably didn't help my performance in Bedwars. Whatever.

@skelpie: my heart has been broken so many times, i just don't know what to believe. :(
@NovaNova: @tommyinnit what do you have to say for yourself?

"Wh -- Eliza was watching the stream...?" I mutter under my breath, slightly confused. "Why didn't, wait, she was probably watching Tommy. Wait -- she should be in bed!!"

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