Innocence (A Nouis One-Shot)

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Warnings: Nothing, just fluff. :)

Comments: Just a random idea I had. I like innocent stories, but I don't write them much. So here's something cute, yeah? Comments would be appreciated in le ask. Tanks for much loveliesss xx


Niall cuddled himself into Louis' shoulder making the older boy blush. He let out a yawn that made his stomach do flips. He felt the blonde's soft cheeks through the thin material of his top. Lou took an arm to his waist, tugging at it gently as the Irish lad snuggled himself closer. He felt the younger boy's cheek rise with a grin.

"Today was a good day, wasn't it, Lou?" The Mullingar lad cooed, his voice heavy with sleep.

"Yeah, it was Nialler." He muffled, ruffling a hand through blonde locks.

How the younger lad loved to tease the older, but he had taken it too far this time. He was constantly tugging on his waist, pulling him in for an embrace, kissing his cheek, ruffling his hair... and Lou had to deal with the pain all day. The agony of feeling the innocent boy's touch and resisting to kiss those lush lips. The Doncaster fellow looked down to the small boy who lay in his arms, wishing it meant to much more than just bandmates. He had such terrible thoughts of being in bed with the blonde, but now that he lay with him, a comfortable silence hovering over them, he preferred his over any amount of sexual desire. Blue eyes met, stabbing into the older's heart. Twinkling crystals greeted him, making his fingers tremble against the younger's skin. He grinned at Lou, an insatiable grin, that made his stomach stir. His eyes had begun to disappear under his pale lids... don't leave me, the older boy cried in his mind. His lips widened with another yawn, hot breath flowing up at Louis.

"I'm so tired, mate."

"I can tell," he chuckled.

"I don't wanna go back to my room." Niall whined, his face scrunching up.

His fingers gripped his waist harder, tips softly dipping into his flesh between his top and trousers. He sunk his teeth into his thin lips, their eyes had yet to break the connection between them.

"You can stay here, love."

"Good, I was gonna no matter what you said anyways..."

He observed as the lad's lips curved, cheeks rising and laughter spilling from his mouth. How those blue eyes managed to shine even brighter than before- he had not known. All he knew that he could barely catch his breath. Lou couldn't fight back the smile that was constantly appearing for the younger boy to view. His mouth grew wide again with a yawn, his lips fell to a smile when they reconnected. Heartbeat rang into his ears.

"Why are you smiling?" The older questioned.

"'Cos. I'm with you." The blonde bluntly admitted.

His face burned with heat, skin surely flushing a shade of red. There was no way of hiding the obvious change in tint.

"Why are you smiling?" Niall rebutted.

"'Cos you are."

The pale boy went flush; hot bodies snuggled into one another. Blue eyes still connected, swirling into deep oceans gazing at each other. Hearts paused for a moment, when their connection had been interrupted by a hood of pale skin. Blonde tuffs of hair caressed his face as Lou moved himself to be even closer to the innocent angel. Faces nothing more than a mere inches apart. The Irish lad's face adapted on his tired state, wrinkles disappearing from his cheeks, lips slightly pursed and separated, skin appearing as tender as a child's. And just as the older had believed he was completely unconscious, lips begun to move.

"I love being with you, Louis."

"I love it too, Babe."

Then, the silence caressed them. All he had felt was Niall's body heat mixing with his as his chest rose to a beat that made his heart flutter. There was something about the way he looked when he slept. The way his skin flushed to a light rosy shade that reminded him of his mum's favorite color... The way his hair had this certain tousle to it, that made it look messier than normal... The way his lips pursed as if he were about to embrace another... The little muffled snores that escaped his mouth. There was a certain innocence about the way he slept, that drew Louis in. There was a certain innocence about Niall that made him crave the younger boy so desperately. He hadn't wanted anything as much as he wanted that small, fragile boy. But, as he listened to his heart beat in his eardrums, he knew that fate wouldn't be on his side. He knew that the love that slowly grew, would never be admitted or faced- for all that mattered. Although the idea of never being able to call the blonde his, lurked his gut, he didn't mind. As long as he'd always have this- moments like this. Moments that made his stomach churn as he held the small boy in his arms. It made him feel as if it was real, as if he truly had him for his own.

"You're such an innocent, Niall. Stay this way. Stay here." Louis whispered into the younger's ear, hoping he had heard it in his dreams.

The heat of their two intertwining bodies had finally gotten to him, his eyelids felt heavy. Slowly falling over his blue eyes, only to see the same thing when his eyes were open. He had seen nothing, but the innocence that had haunted him.


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