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lets just fall in love for the hell of it

it had been a week but yet neither had made a move. their friends were growing tired of it now. they all knew that they would be adorable together but yet both refused to admit anything. they both knew that they had feelings for one another but neither actually admitted it aloud.

"good morning beautiful" vinnie said while playing with her hair.
"stoppp. you know i hate compliments"
"well get used to it" he said while kissing the top of her head.

she nuzzled her head deeper into vinnie's chest as a wide smile grew on his face.

another week passed and...


now vinnie was sitting in the living room with all the boys around him.

"why do i feel like im about to be murdered?" he asked.
"admit it" jordan said.
"admit what?"
"you like milo" josh mentioned.
"i do"
"so just ask her out!" troy almost yelled.
"shes not into me"
"your kidding right? if shes not into you then why do you guys cuddle and kiss?" anthony huffed.
"she wouldnt say yes either way"
"just ask her out. if she says no then shes missing out" jaden said.
"like, today" jordan said.


vinnie sat nervously in his car before he finally rattled up the courage to get out. he walked up to the door and knocked on it as a small figure appeared.

"hey vinnie" avani smiled.
"is milo here?"
"in her room" avani said with a grin as she stepped out of the way.

he ran up the stairs and up to her closed door. he twisted the doorknob quickly before he had the chance to even think about changing his mind. he pushed the door open and closed it quickly. milo got up instantly and started walking towards him.

"are you o-" she was cut off just as quick as she started.

her body pressed against the wall as vinnie's hands cupped her cheeks and his lips softly laid on hers. he pressed himself into her slightly as their lips moved in sync. once they pulled away for air, they leaned their foreheads together as they looked into eachothers eyes.

"milo, ive been waiting to do this forver and, i just- i cant wait any longer" he said before pressing his lips to hers again.
"will you be my girlfriend?"
"of course" she said while wrapping her arms around his neck as he kissed her once more.

they heard squeals outside the door as milo slipped away and pulled the door open. they saw everyone standing there. like literally everyone. jordan, jaden, anthony, josh, quinton, troy, blake, amelie, cynthia, avani and everyone else did their weird things with them as they welcomed the newest couple.


once their little celebration ended, everyone decided to go to their rooms and the rest slept in the living rooms. vinnie was laid out on milo with his head nuzzled into her neck as his breath tickled the sensitive skin on her neck. his arms wrapped under her waist to keep them as close as possible while her small hands played with his fluffy hair. she ran her fingers through the fluff and lightly scratched his head knowing he liked that.

she softly whispered his name but heard no response. this further proved her thoughts of him already falling asleep. she loved this. how close they were right now and how he was holding her so tight as if this was the last time they would ever see eachother. she loved that he was so affectionate and gentle with her.

she was kinda going crazy about how the fans would react. people are seriously in love with vinnie and now that their dating, she might get tons of hate. she couldnt really care right now since she was loving this moment. she just loved how gentle he was being right now, his arms wrapped around you as his head laid in the crook of you neck. he was a softie sometimes and she found that to be one of her biggest weaknesses when it came to him. he made her weak at the very sight of him but when he was a softie, she fell even harder.

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