Who is he? Who is she?

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A man and a woman bumped into each other. The woman was crying. The man was furious.

'Hey! Can't you see?! Are you blind or what?!'

'Sob sob.. i... i'm so.. sorry.' The woman bowed repeatly. Bows after bows.

'Do you think sorry can change everything?! Then what are you going to do with my shirt, huh?!' The man kept complaining about his coffee-spilled shirt.

'I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean it. Please forgive me.'

'Okay. I'll let you free this time. Cut the crap! Stop your acting.' With that, the man leaved arrogantly.

The woman cried harder and fell on the cold floor.

Six month later.

The woman POV

It took six month to forget him. Completely. I am twenty five years old Do Dae Soo and i am completely vanished my five years crush out of my mind.

'Doctor, patient in room 1002 didn't want to eat the medicine. And he also didn't eat for days.'

This is my passion now. A doctor who heals hurts.

'Wow, that is serious. Lets go check him out.'

The man POV

Shit! I have been doing this for years. This is bored, hurt and i am tired of this.

'Doctor, can you please be hurry. I am hurting here. Palli yo!!'

'Wait a minute, taehyung sshi. We have to set the utensils ready.'

I am the Kim Tae Hyung who people talked about. The infamous young CEO in South Korea.

'I have waited for more than minute. Palli yo!' I yelled to the doctor.

I heard some whispers around me and i am sure that was people badmouthed me. I dont care what they were going to say. I am used to it.

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