[Love and Tears] part 38.

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I bounced up and down wildly, as Yazmine decided to jump on me and surprise me half to death. "Ah!" I screamed, as her weight fell onto me.

"Yaz!" I complained. "You need to stop doing that!"

"You were sleeping and I couldn't get you to wake up," she replied, innocently. I laughed. "You should really buy an alarm you know."

I laughed. "You're my alarm though," I responded, dragging myself up and out of bed.

"When do you have to go to training?" Yazmine asked me.

"Um, any time I think. I'll go after we've gone flat hunting."

"And we'll go flat hunting after you get ready," she replied, enthusiastically. "We should get one of them flat share houses and share,"

"No thanks," I said, as she playfully hit me in the arm. "I'm joking. Yeah! We should. It could be great fun."

"I'm sorry ma'am but I think you've made a mistake with your grammar. You said it could be great fun. I believe its will be great fun."

I laughed as I rolled my eyes. "You crazy chick."

"That's what they call me."

I raised an eyebrow. "Who calls you that?"

"Well, er, you just did!" She said. I laughed. "Now go get ready."

"Yeah, yeah," I replied, walking to my en-suite bathroom.

I got ready, washing my face, taking a bath and all that. I put on the essentials; the mascara, a little bit of eyeliner and foundation. I didn't wear a lot of makeup most of the time but because I was going training later, I needed to make an effort. It got ready it less then twenty minutes.

Choosing clothes was a bit hectic though because all my clothes were still in suitcases and bags. I unpacked some clothes, just to put them in the walk-in wardrobe otherwise the rest of my clothes remained in their storage.

I rummaged through the nicely folded clothes, trying to keep them folded and un-wrinkled.

Eventually I chose a pink top with jeans and pink converses. Nothing special, I know, but I put on a jean jacket with shoulder pads on top to make the outfit look smarter.

It almost felt like my life was going down a great pathway. I had forgotten about all the bad. It felt like I had been here for a while now. The relaxing atmosphere really did wonders for me and it was great. Having made new friends already, Yazmine and her boyfriend, things felt chilled.

"Yaz! I'm ready now! Where are you?" I called but got no answer. I decided to investigate. I started off by looking in the en-suite. Nothing. I then looked under the bed. Nothing. I then looked in the walk-in wardrobe and shook my head at what I saw.

Yazmine was spinning around with her head held high.

"So big!" She commented as she continued to spin.

"Oh my goodness, Yazmine! Stop that!" I demanded, walking in and grabbing her hand.

Yazmine had bright red hair but was pretty. She had a soft eyeliner lining her blue eyes. It sounds weird but she was pretty.

"So big," she said again, stumbling from the impact of the spinning. I rolled my eyes at her.

"Yes, very big."

After her head finally stopped spinning, she managed to say, "Where we off to now?"

"A flat up north. Two bedrooms."

"One for me and one for you?" She questioned.

"No two for me and you can get the next one next to me," I replied, sticking my tounge out.

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