[Love and Tears] part 37.

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"I'm sorry, we don't have any jobs available," the McDonalds manager spoke. I frowned. McDonalds was my last hope. I had tried every other shop and store there was and there were no jobs vacant. Maybe coming to Canada was a bad idea.

I had stayed there for around four days now. The hotel was beautiful. It was next to a gorgeous beach with a pier. It owned its own pools and jacuzzi's and massage room's too. But as you know, the nicer the thing, the more expensive the thing and this was very nice. I was already running out of money and I had only been there for a couple of days. Its not even like I knew anyone there to ask for money. Apart from this girl I met. She was really nice and we hung out together when I wasn't looking for a job but I just got to know her, I couldn't ask her for money.

I needed a job desperately. Even if I wanted to go back home, I'd need a job to save up and go. But that wasn't even an option anymore. I had heard that a new person and their carer had moved into my dorm, so I wouldn't have anywhere to go.

Like I asked, before the new people moved in, Christopher had some how gotten into my old dorm and sold my clothes and sent me the money. He did it really quickly and the money was sent to me fast. I could only have his word that he hadn't taken any, but that money helped.

I had listened to Terry's funeral down the phone. Even though it wasn't the same, it was still nice. I could hardly hear what they were saying as the phone kept cutting off and also it was really expensive for the phone bill, but I still felt present in the room. I heard June's speech, most of it anyway, it was beautiful. She had said some wonderful things about him which made me cry.

If I could get a flat with the decorations like the hotel's, I'd be happy. The hotel room itself was beautiful. There was a huge king sized bed with red furry covers that kept me warm. I had an en-suite which was so pretty. It had a bath, a shower and a toilet in this en-suite. The floors where tiled black and white and they were really glossy and looked really nice. As if that wasn't enough, I also had a walk-in wardrobe. It wasn't like any other one, it was massive, which was a shame since I had sold most of my clothes but you know, the thought was still nice.

This girl I was talking about before, her name is Yazmine-Jade. I don't bother with the Jade and just call her Yazmine or sometimes for short, Yaz. She's a really nice girl. She's around the same age as me. She was there with her boyfriend, which made me envious at times but I got over it. I had to.

Yazmine said that they were there because their parents didn't allow neither of them to have partners, so going away was the only way they could be together. A forbidden love story. Gets the heart each time.

From time to time, Yazmine would help me job hunt, but she was busy with her boyfriend. She's hang out with me when I wasn't job hunting, and if she wasn't with her boyfriend. She had a really bubbly personality with a great sense of humour. She was just lovely to be around. She sort of reminded me of Danielle, except kinder and less sluty.

I saw a sign in the shop that said "Help needed." I smiled when I saw this. I ran into the shop and the smell of carpets hit me. I'm not going to lie, I love that smell so I'd find it easy to work here.

I walked up to a woman behind the counter of the shop. Her bright red lips moved as she chewed her chewing gum around in her mouth.

"Baby!' She shouted. "A four letter word for an offspring is baby! No wait, it could be child! Wait, silly me! Child is five letters!" She scribbled something down on her newspaper. I guessed she was playing a cross-puzzle.

"Excuse me?" I said, quietly.

"So what! I'm still a rock star! I got my rock moves! And I don't need you!" She sang. That's when I noticed her headphones and I could almost hear the base of the song. "Guess what! I'm having more fun! And now that were done! I'm gonna show you tonight!'

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