1. The Beginning of the End

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Walking down the halls of Little Chicago High School is a bit like Russian roulette. My gaze is nothing short of a loaded gun and any of these idiots could be my next victim.

You see I've always been that kid that everyone knows. They're all afraid of me. Even the popular kids. They fear me. They fear us.

A small hand slips around my arm as we walk and I turn to look at the dark haired girl beside me. "Senior year, huh?" She sighs and I shrug. It's all the same to me.

The girl flips her hair and sends venomous smiles to passing students. Eden Kaiser is, or was rather, a German transfer student. When she arrived, she was the most gorgeous girl in the school. Long, flowing hair that nearly reached her ass. Wicked green eyes and full pink lips with a smile that could kill. I knew the minute I saw her, she needed to be my partner in crime.

My best friend.

"I think... that we should go out with a bang ya know?" Eden announces, picking at her black painted finger nails.

"No, I don't know." I reply flatly. The girl groans in frustration and throws her head back.

"I mean it Bren, this is our last year of high school. Sure, we've held up our reputation well, but we haven't changed. Everyone knows us as 'those two'." Her accent comes out the more passionate she gets about a subject. It scares most people. But not me.

"Maybe I like being 'those two.'" I give her a smirk and I notice the freshman watching us wearily. Poor little freshman. They have no idea what type of hell they've walked into.

"Well it's time to change it up! Go big or go home!" The girl throws her fist in the air and I chuckle at her. "Maybe we could get boyfriends and suck them off at homecoming while everyone watches."

"Shut the hell up Eden. I don't need the whole school to know I'm gay." I hiss.

I haven't formally introduced myself.

I'm Brendon. Brendon Urie and I'm pretty much the biggest cock slut you'll ever meet... that is if I make it known to you. With my dark brown hair cut with fringe bangs and my tight ass jeans, you'd think people would get the idea that I'm a huge homo. But my insane ability to frighten also leaves people blind of all my other characteristics.

"That could be the big plot twist though!" Eden yelps, but then she drops her voice to a low whisper. "You can finally come out."

"I'm not coming out." I growl.

"Fine, fine, but just so you know... the offer still stands. I know a guy..." Eden gives me a final wink before parting ways with me. I roll my eyes and head to my first class of senior year.


I hate every fucking person in here.

But that's not surprising.

I only have a small group a friends and it just so happens that none of them are in here. No, they all signed up for a study hall first period. Spencer, Tyler, Josh, and Eden are all probably laughing their asses off, shooting spit balls at each other and here I am. In fucking Personal Development.

I'm going to shoot someone.

"Welcome class! I recognize most of you." Mrs. Salpeter's enthusiastic voice sounds like nails on a chalk board. It's way too early for this. "But we have a new student to the school." She declares, smiling largely. "His name is Ryan." I roll my eyes and drop my head onto the desk. Nap time it seems. "Everyone say hello to Ryan."

No one says hello.

Mrs. Salpeter sighs loudly. "Okay, well Ryan, why don't you go and have a seat next to Mr. Urie over there." Um what? No. Everyone knows not to sit with me. I don't do partners. "He's the one in the black hoodie."

"No...." I groan loudly, still not picking my head up. "He can't sit by me."

"Oh shut your trap Brendon." Mrs. Salpeter hisses. I don't care. "He's a new student, cut him some slack."

"Um.. I- I mean, it's alright... if he doesn't want me to sit by him." A timid voice rings in my ears and it causes my head to spring up.

My world stops.

A doe eyed boy is looking down at his feet, mousey brown hair falling over his face and a light pink dusting his cheeks. He's holding his books so tightly to his chest, his fingers are turning white. "Ryan, please just sit down next to Brendon. He won't do anything."

The boy looks up at me and I'm still in shock. What a cute little nose... and such pretty, soft looking lips. "I-is that alright?" The boy asks and it snaps me out my daze.

I cross my arms and look out the window. "Whatever." I answer harshly. "I don't care." When the boy slides into the seat next to me, the hairs on my arms stand on end and I feel a rush shoot up my spine. What is happening to me?

"Thank you." The boy mutters.

"You're welcome." I say back.

The fuck?

It takes me a minute to realize the entrancing scent of vanilla is filling my nose. I look over at the boy, who is completely focused on our teacher. Is that him that smells so good? My eyes graze over his small frame. Thin, thin, thin, but... tall. His legs barely even fit under the table and the way he's awkwardly leaning over the desk tells me he hasn't got any room at all. His hair looks so soft...

"So you're Ryan?" My voice not only catches the boy by surprise, but I also catch myself by surprise. Why am I even talking to him?

"Um... yeah." The boy answers back quietly, awkwardly patting down the hair on top of his head.

"Where'd you come from?"

"Ah... France actually... but I was born and raised in America. My family relocated to France a few years ago and we just decided we missed home." Geez, I didn't ask for his whole life story... but now that he mentions it, I do detect a slight difference in the way he pronounces words.

"So, you like speak French?" The boys face is a deep red and I smile at the embarrassment I'm causing him.


That's hot.

"Um... I- I umm... thank you?" The boy sputters, his eyes wide with surprise. Jesus, did I just say that out loud?

"You're welcome... kitten." I grin and pat the boys head, turning my attention to Mrs. Salpeter before he replies.


"Ryan!" Mrs. Salpeter snaps. "I'm glad you and Brendon are getting along, but please, do pay attention."


"Please." She repeats. The boy sighs and nods. I watch him out of the corner of my eye and let a faint smile creep onto my face. Maybe I'll actually decide to like this class.

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