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The Tudor Curse
Chapter Two


"Please Princess," the servant girl said as she chased the boisterous little princess around the gardens. The five year old Willa laughed as the exhausted woman started to cry in defeat.

"WILLA!" A voice echoed.

Willa's angry mother, Queen Claude, bombarded toward her. Willa began to whimper and step back in fear, her teeth chattering against one another.
Claude forcefully grabbed her daughters shoulders and shook her violently.

"Is that a way to behave? Huh?" She scowled. "IS IT?" She repeated in a stern tone causing Willa to shake her head vigorously.

"A princess does not act such a way! You're to be modest not unkempt." Claude scolded. "Trie-la (sort her out)," she said to the servant girl.

Claude walked away, furious.

The servant quietly walked over to the princess, "come now Willa, you mustn't behave in such a way," she said in a calmer, nicer lifted tone. "You're a princess,"


Willa sat at the long dining table for her 10th nameday celebration. The whole court had gathered for the special occasion, it was the only day of the year her mother paid any attention and affection toward her.

King Louis stood up, holding his chalet in the air. "We are happy to announce that our daughter has been betrothed to the Prince Henry of England,"

Willa's eyes widened in shock and horror, betrothed?


The thirteen year old Willa sat at the bottom of the stairwell, tears pricked at her eyelids. It was the day she was leaving for England, to marry her betrothed and become a lady of English court. Something she had never wanted to do.

Her younger sister, Claude, ran at her. "Please don't go Willa," she pleaded. The nine year old held her older sisters hands, "who will I play with?"

"I'm sure Owen will play with you," Willa smiled sadly. She stood up from the stairs and straightened her dress out, "I have to go now, Claude, I shall see you soon. Je t'aime (I love you),"

She hugged her sister tightly before solemnly walking to the front of the palace. Silently sobbing as she was escorted to the carriage and off to England she went.

In England

As the carriage came to a stop, the door immediately opened. A pageboy offered his hand to Willa to help her from the carriage, which she kindly accepted. She noticed straight away that the temperature was colder, not uncomfortably cold just a little lower. She was met by the English royal family, the Tudors.

"Princess Willa of France, duchess of Avignon," the page announced.

Willa politely curtsied for the Tudors and gave them each a smile.

The King, Henry VII, stepped forward and gently kissed the back of her hand. "This is my wife Lizzie, my sons Arthur and Harry and my daughters Kathy, Meg and Mary," he introduced.

"It is a pleasure," Willa said with a fake smile.

She didn't want to be at English Court, she didn't want to be in England in general. She had heard stories in France about the wicked english. How they lied and cheated others, how they betrayed and killed. She didn't want to be like them, or be married to one of them. She didn't want that life for herself, or for anyone for that matter.

"Come princess, let's show you to your room," a servant said sweetly. The woman, who's name was Juliet, held Willa's hand and silently walked to the far end of the east wing.

The door swung open to reveal a small but comfortable room, with a large bed and a vanity as well as a trunk for storage.

"Good day Princess," Juliet smiled before leaving Willa alone in the room.

Willa was alone for a few minutes before Kathy appeared at the door. "Hello, I'm Katherine but my friends and family call me Kathy," she greeted.

"Hello," Willa said with a half-smile.

"My room is just down the corridor, maybe we could play with one another some time," Kathy suggested.

"I'd like that,"

Katherine was a few months older than Willa, she had long dark brown hair and the boldest brown eyes. She was tall and slender, much like Willa, as well as having a soft and calming voice.

Maybe English Court wouldn't be too bad.

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