*Matthew's POV*

After all these years of being hit, I knew how to dodge the knife. Well, at least away from my throat. I yelled in agony as I looked down at my torn sleeve and gashing cut. Knowing he would try to cut me again, I jumped to my feet and blocked Charlotte. "Charlotte get out of here!" I yelled. She tried to get to my dad, but I held her back. "No! He has to pay for everything he's done!" She screamed. I used all the strength I had, but she broke free with some karate move. She shot me an apologetic glance then went at him again. With animal grace, she lunged at my dad and he tumbled backwards to the ground. Charlotte kicked him in the stomach, and for a second I admired her bravery and strength. She left me standing frozen and astonished. A little thing like her,
who knew, could beat up a grown man. He tried punching at her face, and missed. She was already on her feet ready to swing again. He blew out air in frustration then looked at me and snickered. "Boy, I thought you'd know better than this." He said. Charlotte looked at me sideways. Before I could say anything, he yanked Charlotte's hair and bashed her head against the wall. She let out a little squeal, then fell to the floor unconscious. "Charlotte!" I shrieked. My eyes went from Charlotte, then turned to my father. Something inside me, something furious and angry was boiling. Adrenaline was pumping in my veins, and I feel like I could lift this entire house and throw it. My dad grinned knowing how mad i was. "I'm going to kill my dad." I thought to myself. I looked at Charlotte's tiny motionless body and winced. I did this to her, this is my fault. And I'm going to make up for it. "My son, my oh my. Having a girl fight for you? Where did I go wrong." He chuckled. I looked at him in disgust. "Go wrong?" I mocked. That's it, I can't hold it in any longer. "You've been wrong this entire time! My childhood, has all been wrong! My entire life you and mom made me think that I was worthless, and nothing mattered! When I did the simplest thing wrong, like step on the stairs wrong, I'd got WHIPPED for it! So tell me, where have you gone wrong?" I was on the verge of tears. This man standing in front of me, how can he be my father? How can he be a father? After everything I've said, his expression still remained wicked. I looked at Charlotte's body one more time, then with rage I attacked him. He was taken aback, and I pinned him against the wall. I punched his face and his stomach and arms and everything you can name, I punched. Nothing was holding me back anymore. He was bleeding everywhere, and coughing up blood. "M-mercy, mercy." He wheezed. I caught my breath breathing hard and calmed down. Blood was trickling down my arm, his blood and mine. I slapped him one last time. "If I ever see you again, around me, and especially around her." I pointed to Charlotte. "I'll kill you. I swear on it." I said. Despite my now throbbing shoulder, I picked Charlotte up and ran out the door, without looking back.

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