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 The Picture is of Ruby Cilelyn (Amber Benson) 

The Psychic study.

Choices will always lead to destiny


1. The Nightmare


    Every cell in my body told me to scream, to stop the man, that was my dad from swerving the car, the car which was going to be in the icy water below if he did. And that man. The one who had ran, deliberately into the road, blocking my dad from passing. He was huge, very, like someone you wouldn't want to meet at night, but that isn't what makes me frightened of him. It's his expression. It was moulded into one of mourn, grief and burning agony. He looked as though he'd do anything to take away he own pain, even if it included hurting others. What could have happened which was so horrifying you would try and kill yourself, was he suicidal? I didn't scream. I couldn't. I just stared as Audrey gripped at my arm, just as terrified, mystified, as I was.    

      The car made a flip, causing the windows to break and shatter in on us. I coughed as glass entered my mouth, but then quickly stopped as I saw the reflection of my mom and dad. The gash that ran down from my moms' temple to jaw-line was gushing blood, her unconscious body limp and lifeless, as if she was already gone. My dad's head was slumped on the roof of the car, his face bloody and still. We hadn't gone over, into the water, we had flipped up-side down, but that made it worse. Me and my sister were in clear view of the bodies of our dead parents. Audrey was screaming her high-pitched scream, which pierced through me, right to the core of my heart, my soul. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to erase the images from my head. I could feel Audrey's protests beside me, hesitating, ready to make me open my eyes, afraid she would be alone.

    Only then did I start to feel the excruciating pain, penetrating through my head, as I waited for death to envelope me in the blackness of night, blackness that would feel like heaven to these eyes. My need wasn't quenched, unsatisfying so. Just more and more vibes of that same pain, sharp and constant. It's making it hard to think of anything else. Audrey was now crying into me, willing me to stay with her, to not leave her all alone. My little sister... she needs me more than ever, and I was in too much pain to even open my eyes to reassure her. She was whispering "Ruby" my name, her voice caressing that one word as if it meant the world to her. My Audrey, she was suffering, because of me. Through all the pain in my head, I could hear her cracked, raw voice. 

'Please, Ruby, please... Wake up!' She was moaning now. ‘Wake up... please. Don't leave me; you're my big sister, the only person I look up to. Hey? You said, even if we were kept apart, you would always be there? Ruby, I need you now. Who else can tell me "It'll be okay, Audrey?" You can’t... You can't L-leave me. You... can't...' Just then Audrey fell silent and I wondered if she was hurt too. I ground my teeth together, before opening my eyes, which I regretted as soon as I did, shots of pain running like adrenaline through my pounding head, blood pulsing down my face. I could see her clearly now, her head rested on my lap, blood covered her face, where deep cuts were placed. My blood dripping to her opened hand, Lyli, our dog, by our feet. Her shirt had a huge patch of blood on it and as shock wound through me, I realized as we had crashed, a large shard of glass had run deep through her stomach. 

'HELP! HELP, SOMEBODY! PLEASE!' I screamed. Then everything went black. I cradled Audrey to my chest, whist trying to stay awake long enough to see if she was still alive. We sat there for what seemed like hours, hours of agony and blood. When big, black arms came towards, just for a second I thought death would take us. 

    'Argh!' My body coiled forward, just as beads of icy sweat and tears made its way down my face. Not again. That same nightmare, over and over, replaying itself. I head to my journal and start to write:

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