(Smairuhh) The Dance

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Any lingering worries Smairuhh has about not fitting in, not belonging, being discovered or outed as interloper, are swept away in the rush of joy that suffuses and follows from the wedding. It was the most perfect and memorable and beautiful ceremony anyone could remember. All the speeches, all the music and performances, so inspiring, every moment infused with divine love from start to finish and back again. Everyone who watched, everyone who was there on this historic day is so overwhelmingly full of feelings. We were there. We saw that. We witnessed it. We were part of it, and it will be a part of us, forever.

After all the weeping and laughing, the crowd at CryomoonLite starts heading over to the reception, and Smairuhh just follows along with them. No question, no hesitation. She cannot even comprehend this day ending, tearing herself away from these people, these friends, these fellow witnesses to the moment of purity they have just experienced together. These are her people forever. She has never belonged anywhere more than this, here, now.

As they cross the walkway that carries them high across Saintchi Street, away from the Battle Arena, Cummestra - one of the most senior members of the Superfinedom, a person Smairuhh has never even met IRL but who has effectively been her x-fandom counterpart through all this, an early encourager who believed what Smairuhh believed and urged her followers in the Superfinedom to consider Smairuhh's ideas - comes up to Smairuhh, loops her arm through hers, and puts her head on Smairuhh's shoulders. Smairuhh leans into it, tearfully, wordlessly, gratefully, and they walk like that to Angel#Manifestation while the city outside pours down around them.

Everyone is changed by the beauty and perfection of this day. It clings to them, shimmers within them. Whoever we were before, we are made new, united in beauty. In love and hope.

Angel#Manifestation is a gorgeous new space with a cracked concrete retro vibe. An energy and mood of hidden gardens, quiet enchantment, old values brought to light anew. A hallowed, consecrated ground for the embodiment of destinies.

Smairuhh and Cummestra are the first ones out on the dance floor, extremely turned up, and their joy is infectious. Before long others are flooding out onto the floor and the party is ignited. You can't belong where you don't envision yourself is the motto inscribed above the entrance to Angel#Manifestation, and it's fitting and feels so true. She really does deserve all this.

The dance floor clears as the wedding party is about to make their entrances. Smairuhh hops over to the nearest drinks venue to rejuvenate and rehydrate with a wild-crafted reishi vibe protectorant. She yells and cheers for Anhedine and Alikatase. She spots Jexxica perched on a stool at the far end of the bar, surveying the party, watching from the sidelines, her horns curling up above the crowd.

Smairuhh stands next to her and they watch Qannen's entrance, clapping and cheering as she twirls for the crowd and then skips across the floor to kiss that unnamed boy with the cute hair, the mystery boy with no history.

Smairuhh: What do you think.

Jexxica: How can we possibly think anything about him, when we know nothing about him.

Smairuhh: He's cute at least. His hair.

Jexxica: Are we sure? Based on what evidence? How can we trust what we see without the data to back it up?

Smairuhh: Qannen's never been with someone this long, so there's clearly something big happening.

Jexxica: A new project. For Qannen, and maybe for you too, yes?

Smairuhh smiles in recognition of being seen so completely. With Qynkazel sealed and delivered to the city she does need a new project. It had occurred to her, more than once recently, that diving deeper into Qannen, exploring her relationship with this boy, would be her next project. To do for them what she had done for Qynkazel. Nothing ever got past Jexxica.

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