Memory lane sucks popcicles

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"Oh I'm sorry about your parents." Tamara had said patting my arm (Sorry, picture of HER on the side now). We had switched topics and suddenly my parents death was being unraveled like a fruit roll-up. "It's fine. Ace blames me though. I even blame myself. It was my fault, we shouldn't... it was all bad timing." I said dragging my fork around the gravy at the bottom of my empied container of poutine. "Did you wanna tell me what happened?" she asked smilling assuring at me. I looked at Bekah, she had a smile on her face too. "Well, we were going on a family thing, up to our cottage in kirkland. I loved it up there. My friend's back home used to think I was crazy, since it was such a small town and had very little people at all really but it was home-away from home. I loved every second spent up there."

"I was fourteen at the time. Ace was sixeen, always a 2 years older." I laughed slightly. "We just arrived at the lake, were pulling into the driveway when I felt this pang of something. It was drawing me to look into my bag. Like a pull of instinct. Of course I listened, and realized I not only forgot my bear, but my blankie too. It was odd at my age to have them, I knew that much. Ace teased me all the time about it but it was always playful back then. I whined and complained that I just had to have them or I couldn't sleep. Mom and dad shared a look, but of course gave in. I remeber everything so clearly..." I told them.

***** What had happened *******

"Daddy please, it's important to me, daddy please." I begged tugging on the shoulder sleeve of his T-shirt. Ace smiled at me. "Awh, does sissy miss her blankie boo?" He laughed and pulled me into his chest for a hug. I grumbled and smacked his chest. "Yes, I do. And I'll just die if I don't have them. I'll get no sleep." I told him and dad. Mom came out and clung to daddy's side. "Alright, we'll drive all the way back, a two hour drive, just so you can get your bear, hunny." Mom kissed my forhead. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you both so much." I jumped up and down and pecked Ace's cheek. I was about to run off to meet mom and dad in the car when he pulled me back and looked down at me smiling. "You really love those things huh?" He asked me. I grinned. "Well how could I not? My big brother bought them for me when I was five. Had them ever since. Got me through nightmares... when the monsters were in my closet, when the kids at school broke my crayons." I smiled at him and he smiled back. "I love you, you know that?" He told me and ruffled my hair.

"Then why do you tease me?" I asked. His face got serious all a sudden. "I tease you as a joke. I would never hurt you, Kitten." He used his nickname for me. My eyes watered. "I love you so much." I told him as he hugged me. "I love you. And, I got you another gift." He told me grinning. I laughed. "Jheeze, did you want me to rub your feet, you sure ar the barrer of gifts." I smacked his shoulder and hugged him again. "Ah, ah, ah. Here." He held out a long velvet box. Giddy, I jumped up and down opening it. Inside was a beautiful white, snowflake necklace sparkling in the sunlight. (Picture on the side aswell) I gasped. "It's so pretty, but how did you...?" I asked looking at him with a ear to ear smile. "Saved up two month's allowence. I know how much you love winter, the snow, ice, the whole nine yards, and since it's fall, I figured, what the heck right? Happy birthday Katerina." He smiled and pecked my cheek before putting the necklace on me and playing with my hair. Neither of us stopped smiling.

"C'mon guys, long drive home and back." our dad called out from the drivers seat. "Coming!" I shouted and walked off. Ace stayed. "You aren't coming with us?" I asked frowning. "Nah, you go ahead. I'll see you guys when you get back. Love you." He said and walked up pecking moms cheek before retreating back into our cottage. "Bye hun! Love you too." Mom shouted to him last minute. I closed my car door and we were off. "Buckle up, sweetie." My mom told me turning to face me from her seat. I buckled it with a click and smiled to her. "All check!" I laughed. We twisted and turned around the roads passing other cottages as we did. We were pulling up into the main road. I watched out the window, all the leaves were falling, end of fall weather. Snow would be coming soon. Yay! I bounced in my seat with happyness. "Careful hunny." My dad scolded me. "Sorry." I apologized half smiling. He met my smile in the mirror with his and then there was a loud honking horn that didn't stop. That's when the lights went out.

********Ending of memory********

"And that's all I remembered from that. I woke up in the hospital a few days later. Our car got hit by a truck, we were knocked into a near by lake, smashing into the rocks. I found out they had died. Both of them. Trapped in the smushed and smashed front of the car holding them in place as they died, the water rising the whole time. If they only got out they could have..." I sighed not finishing the sentence since Tamara was there. But if they gotten out they would have healed instantly. Instead it was only me who was found alive. Only. Me. "It was my fault... I wanted my bear and blankie... I needed them because I loved my brother. Another thing I found out tht day was that he was no longer my brother anymore. He hated me with all his soul, heart and passion. I lost my bestfriend that day, and my parents a few days before." I told them, touching my neck on reflex only to find one necklace, the one Elijah had given me. "I lost my necklace too. Somewhere in the lake. I made a hissy about it. Ace had ripped up my bear and blankie and threw the in the trash.

"He screamed at me for day's, telling me how stupid I was for wanted those things. All of them. The bear, the necklace, the blankie. They were all what my brother was once, and I cursed the lake water for ripping it off my neck and barrying it inbetween rocks somewhere down there." I sighed. My eye's were dry, that was a good thing. I felt the pain of the story, but not to where I wanted to cry, just where I wanted to fell less guilty. There was silence around us until Joel said "You never told us that story before." "I know. I guess I just figured... new start, new begining. Why dwell? But it's hard to forget the people who raised you. I miss them. I also miss my brother." I addmitted and took a cold sip of diet coke. Tamara was looking sad, holding onto Joel. I smiled at her, Cliff, Rebekah and Joel, letting them know I was fine. We continued talking for a while, random niss, random nats. The moods were being brought up again. I smiled.


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