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Marcus P.O.V

I was sitting in the room with Mia and Natalie watching TV.. Why hasn't Jordan come back? I shouldn't have done this..

I was dragged out of my thoughts by the screaming of Mia.. Natalie had left the room and Mia was stuck in her high chair. "NATALIE GET IN HERE" no answer! I can't believe her. Mia continued to scream! I walked over to her, angrier than ever! " JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!!" I raised my hand to hit her, but the fear in her eyes stopped me. What's wrong with me.!?!?

I ran upstairs looking for for Natalie. I found her using the bathroom and told her I was leaving. Where I was going I don't know but all I do know is it's away from here. I grabbed my coat and keys and walked to the car. I drove off trying to think of a way to cool off.

Natalie P.O.V

I went upstairs to use the bathroom while Marcus was thinking. Before I got in I heard Marcus yelling. Eh who cares. I went into the bathroom to pee when somebody knocked on the door.

"Hello?" I asked and Marcus started ranting. Out of no where he was like "I'm leaving" then walked away.

After I had finished I went down stairs to find Mia crying. I helped her out the high chair only to find it smelling like poo. This meant I would have to change it. I lasted her on the changing table. Then I toke off her diaper and literally died off the horrid smell. I quickly dump a load of baby powder on her and replaced the same diaper.
I think I did pretty good for my first time changing a diaper..

Mia P.O.V

The powder goes everywhere, even up my nose. It tickles and I keep sneezing! Oh dear, this is not good. I wish Mommy was here she would do this a lot better than who ever this lady is. I don't like her.

I miss Mommy, I don't know where she's gone but I want her back. I hope her and Daddy are ok. Daddy was very angry before, he almost hit me. He's never done that before... Maybe he was just teasing me. I hope so. But he did look very angry.

I love Mommy and Daddy and I hope they love me too. We are a family and I hope this lady isn't part of the family, she doesn't like me.

She picks me up and places me back on the floor and runs out the room. She's gone a little while and when she comes back she brings a lot of my teddies. She scatters them around me but I don't see Elephant, I want him, he is my favourite. 'Efelant' I say to her and she doesn't understand, so I repeat it and she finally gets it and runs out the room.

A minute later she comes back as basically throws him at me, that hurt. I topple over and luckily land on Pinkie so my bum doesn't hurt. All I see is the lady pick up her bag and leave the house. It's a good thing to, I didn't like her.

I hope Mommy and Daddy get back soon, I'm hungry.

Hours go past and stIll no one has come back. Eventually the door creeks open and I see their head. It's...

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