Running from your soulmate,and destiny!

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Running from your soulmate...

"Valiayne we must move," came the muffled cries from Rephin.Her short arms were attempting to drag me up the high,rocky cliff. I steadied myself, and put some of my weight onto the ground. She was weakening by the moment. And I was going to fall of the cliff...

The sea air was murderously whistling through my ears,making

Me go temporarily deaf. And it infuriated me. I howled in annoyance when I moved my leg and my mind was encassed in agony. Blood was seeping through my wounds like a tidal wave,it just kept on flowing.

Rephin finally let go of me,I suddenly realised I'd passed out, the poor thing had,had to drag me the extra mile. I felt instantly guilty. I looked around and realised I was in a cave. The ceiling was nothing more then jagged rocks, sewn intricatly together, in a way it was beautiful.

I heard a furrow of footsteps from behind me. I realised I was laying on some time of slab. Then I hear shrieking.

"My Altar,MY ALTAR!" squealed a tight female voice. "You lay vermin on my altar,my sacrificial altar, you tarnish it with this filth, I should have you drawn and quatered count Rephin,you bring it here!" her voice went up a octave.

"What else could I do Merduxe,leave her to die,she may be a mortal but she deserves life!" Rephin roared. Her voice laced with anger, I could hear her beast trying to rise. I hissed in pain,which bought their attension back to me. Rephin ran to my side,stroking my hair. And tightening my bandages.

"You know your the last person I'd come to Merduxe, but her destiny will only be for-told it she lives." Rephin hissed. Her eyes were glinting towards madness. I prayed her beast would not overcome her.

"I will only save her for a price," Merduxe stated calmy. I could tell it aggravated Rephin,but she slowly nodded her head. Merduxe was a evil woman, to her everything came with a price,if you didn't expect it,you were a fool.

Merduxe spoke in a foreign tongue which Rephin seemed to understand. I reconised it as words of the old religion,the Marchk days. I tried to translate her words.

All I got was,

Him,life,overcome,darkness,evil,love,her,prey and predator. The rest to me was lost in translation.

My heart was beating fast, pain convulsed in my ribs,so much I nearly jumped of the 'altar'.

"Do it!" came Rephins command.

Merduxe walked closer to me, she fell to her knees upon a kneeling stool and whispered in my ear.

"This will hurt alot,and I'm glad it will, every scream you make,I'll increase the pain,every tear, I'll scar your flesh. Every movement I will pull out tethers of your life force."

I winced and she laid her hands over my lower stomach. She rubbed the bone there,the one broken,I almost silently hissed. She grasped each side of the broken bone and squeased. I screamed, and the pain somehow spread throughout my body, I was numb with pain, to stop it I bit my Tongue. Blue light seemed to be radiating from Merduxe's hands as the bones slowly but surely fused themselves back together. I kept my tears,my screams and my whimpers to myself the entire time. Desperatly not wanting any more pain. I finally felt the pain yielding. I looked up and saw Merduxe looking at me like a owl to a field mouse.

"I can't wait till it happens" she laughed.

And in the background she heard Rephin lightly chuckle.

And finally the blackness pulled me under...

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