{13} A Holiday with Mika

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"Wahh it's so pretty!" Sasha exclaimed, "Armin, it's the crystal clear seas we talked about!" Eren said.

"Yeah! It's actually real!"

"What are you waiting for?" Mika asked them suspiciously. She was in-fact the one to bring them here, and where you might ask? Oh, just outside the walls to a small beach. You might be thinking it was crazy, well it's not. Here's why.

"Clearing up that amount of space outside the walls would be easy." Farlan said with a bored look. "Then we can finally see a side water with sand thingy!" Isabel practically yelled.

"It's for your old friend anyways." Bella sighed and there they flew off to slay half the population of Titans there, but not on their own.

Bella was the leader and maker of the Scout Brigade, so with the help of more people they did. Plus, none died. A perfect package.

"What do you mean Mika?" Sasha asked. Mika sighed and trudged over to them. "What are you wearing?" She asked them. 

"My uniform?"

"You people really need new gear." She groaned and brought out some water resistant boots. Everyone tried it on. "Now step over here." She motioned to Eren to step really close to the water.

"Now close your eyes and count to three." He was hesistant but did so.

Mika watched as the water was approaching them rapidly.

"1. 2.3." She pushed him with so much force he toppled face first into the water which dragged him full body into it.

All the cadets heard the rucket and turned to face a smirking Mika and a wet-swimming Eren. Oh and Eren was mad alright.

"Mika!" He screamed and stood straight up. Then she realized she hadn't put on her boots yet, which would cause her to slow down from running. 

"Yabe," She murmured and tried to skid away.

Eren pulled her by the shirt which caused her to fall backwards, yet she still stood up and waltzed to the shores. "Mikasa?" She questioned unsure.

Mikasa looked up from her paper, "Nani?"

Mika gestured to the mad looking Eren with a shrug. She covered her mouth suppress a smile, which broke out into a huge laugh and caused Levi to take a look at what she was laughing at,

She was wet, but Eren was drenched. Mika was trying to push Eren away since he was soaked, which made him try even worse.

"I'm coming!" Mikasa announced with Armin.

"Cadet? What is the meaning of this?"

"Oh...crap. C-corporal." Connie and Mika had accidentally had sand blow into Levi's eyes, which were the worst things you could imagine. 

"Hanji...." Mika mouthed and pointed to an area with trees in them. "Climb." 

Then so they did.  It was a great experienced for them, until' dawn broke.

"Is it safe out here at night?" Eren asked, everyone shook their heads.

"No, we have to ride up and into the forest." Mikasa said, "Then what after?"

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