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𝐈𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐲 𝐭𝐨 𝐀𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐚

Wrapped up in the white silk sheets legs tangled, cuddled to Alessandro chest is Veronica. Her soft brown curls fanned out on the white silk pillow cases and her fiancé's chest. Around the room were there clothes from last nights activities. Veronica wearing a black lace set as she slept.

Today was the day the couple left for new york. The soon to be Italian mafia leader woke first that morning.
"viààà" Alessandro whispers brushing a loose curl from her face. "i don't wanna get uppp" her soft voice muttered in Italian. "bambina it's time to go soon, i'm going to make a few phone calls" he kissed her forehead gently as he pushed him out of bed sliding on his pants.

Via rolls out of silk sheets and picks up her fiancé's white silk button up and slips it on and heads for the kitchen. brewing coffee and placing it in two cups. She also cuts fruit and places it on plate. Then taking the croissants that a maid at picked up that morning. "perfect" she smiles as she picks up the milk jar for the coffees. The she feels Alessandro hand slipping around her waist as he nuzzled his face into her neck. "morning bambina" he whispers causing her to giggle lightly. "let's eat and then get ready and we can go" he spoke kissing her gently. "i'm nervous to meet them but i'm also happy as well" via admitted as she looks down at her coffee. "Veronica Via Monroe. you are the strongest and most perfect women i have ever known after my mother of course" he chuckled.
"thank you andro" she kisses him softly.
"now go get ready i know how you are" he chuckles
"watch that mouth mr mafia your i might just have to call your mother" via teases and then giggles at his now pale face before she skips away
short time skip an hour before the plane lands

"ok so you rember the plan and everything right?" Alessandro gently pulls away from Vias kissing
"yes, iv been living in the south of italy with my mother till four weeks ago, when she passed in car accident, i was homeschooled and mother and i owned a vineyard and flower business, i'm single and 'innocent' as your mother put it. I'm also not aloud to wear my engagement ring witch i do not enjoy but i will be wearing it on a necklace and when we communicate we will speak in italian, if it's business we communicate through the extra phone your mother placed inside the box of new lingerie" Via smiles brightly at her fiancé then he kisses her "god your perfect for me" Alessandro said looking down at his fiancé. "we still have ten mintues before we land" she smiles innocently as she begins to undo the buttons on his shirt.
" i love you via" he slips her on to his lap as he kisses her
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i hope you enjoyed this chapter it's a little short but i promise the next chapter will be longer.

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