Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Emily Prentiss POV

    When we got off the plane Reid, Morgan, and Rossi went to the latest crime scene, and JJ, Hotch, and I went to the police station to get set up. We called Garcia to ask her if any of the victims had anything in common and she said she was still digging deeper into their histories. Hotch and I were Setting up the crime board and I was getting kind of nervous around him, like I always do around him. I have always had a crush on him but ever since he started dating Haley and I have been going on a few dates with a guy named Liam it started to go away, I still blush when I am around him but I know he doesn't have feelings for me. JJ called me over after Hotch and I finished the board.

    "what is is it JJ?" I asked

"I see the way you look at him and the way he looks at you it is so obvious you two like
each other, but you both are two blind to see it." She said quietly.

"What are you talking about I don't like him, besides he has a girlfriend, Haley, and I
have been going out with someone for about a week or so." I said lying to her face.

"Yeah right you both have the hots for each other and everyone else sees it but you
two." she said sounding kind of upset.

"Whatever lets get back to work this is very unprofessional JJ." I said as Morgan popped
up on my phone with a message about the crime scene "Morgan texted me about the
crime scene he said a few print smudges but unidentifiable and very unorganized" lets
go tell Hotch.

Aaron Hotchner POV

    I walked in to the room where everyone was is and said "we are giving the profile everyone, lets go." Before we have the profile another girl was abducted and killed in the same day he was speeding up because he also abducted another women that same day and we knew it wouldn't be long till he killed her.

    "we are looking for a white male in his early 20s. He is holding a very big grudge against a women in his life. He has very little social skills and dose not have a very big physical feature to his body" said Morgan.

"He is all over the place he can also be a huge klutz. He may also show signs of social
Anxiety" said Rossi

"He is going after women in their early twenties with brown hair and brown eyes
when we catch him will mostly will not go down without a fight, he will either go down
shooting cops, the hostage, or himself. So please be on the look out thank you." I said to
and everyone started to get up and go back to their work.

Jenifer Jareau POV

    I called Garcia and asked her if she found anything about the 5 girls and if they have anything that linked these killings together.

    "what do you got Garcia" I said into the phone walking to where the team is.

    "ok my hands are getting dirty because I have been doing some serious digging. All of
the girls worked at the same mall when they went to college. Two of the girls went to the same high school in Upstate New York, until they both moved to Texas but went to different colleges under different scholarships" she said through the other side of the phone."

"Ok Baby Girl look for anyone that had complaints filed against him in the mall employee system, the complaints are either someone being stalked, or an employee wasn't being nice or mean to women" said Morgan.

We heard some typing through the phone and some more until we heard a beep.

    "Ok ladies and gents we got one employee who got fired about a month and a half go
right before the killings started. About 10 people filed a complaint on him and he had a
serious long distance relationship when he lived in Indianapolis she broke up with him 2 months ago, his name is Jayden Lowse." Said Garcia

"What is the girlfriends name and where is she now?" Asked Emily

"Her name is Trinidy Traster and she still lives in New York" Garcia said.

"Ok send over the location of where he lives. Thanks Garcia" I said through the phone.

"Already done, Garcia out"

"Lets go catch this guy" said hotch and everyone got up and suited up.

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