Chapter fifteen

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We made our way to a nearby restaurant, strolling hand in hand, maybe this is what a real couple felt like. It felt so ‘nice’, I guess this feeling oh so fuzzy and bubbly was only brought out by by him, every time we touched it just felt so magical but, I feared relationships and commitments…why? Because of my father’s affair, may mother was bed ridden and dying while he was busy getting so action at his office with my ‘so called step-mom’, sometimes I wondered if that so called fairy tale like love story my mom claimed to have with my dad really existed.

Although she may not have openly showed her dislike towards me, inside I just knew it was her jealous towards my mother, every time I’d sit with my family album reminiscing on the moments spent with my mom and I would literally feeling the jealousy radiating of her.


 “Uh yeah!”  I’m listening.

“We’re here” said Brody, “Seems like you were a million miles away, a penny for your thoughts babe?”

I couldn’t tell him I feared relationships and being in love, what if I would just scared him away, what if he didn’t see us as a couple, what if he hated love stories just like me. All of these what if’s. I just shrugged the thought off,  “I’m just starving” I said and winked at him in an attempt to brush away any further questions he was probably going to ask. After a fifteen minutes walk we arrived  at the restaurant and the smell of food made my stomach growl loudly, “Damn baby I need to fed you!” said Brody making me bend my head and blush in embarrassment.

“Hey didn’t I tell you I was starving”. I clutched onto his left arm and rest my head against him as we entered. As our waiter escorted us to our table Brody of course made me sit at the corner, the waiter then took our orders, we both ordered shrimp and scallop paste with passion fruit ice tea. As the waiter made his way back I saw him giving our table a second glance funny enough, it wasn’t me getting the second look… it was Brody!

I burst out laughing “What are you laughing at?” Between laughs “Couldn’t you see the second glance you got from him… he so wants you!”

I kept laughing and just when I thought I had reached the inconsolable point of laughter I felt his large palm against my thigh as it slowly made its way up my dress. I was definitely flushed Scarlett at this point for sure. “I suggest you cease all laughter this instant Ms. Guerra”

“But if I choose not too?”

“Then you will face dire consequences.” He said dryly.

“Dire consequences you say, which would include what exactly?” feigning innocence bordering with curiosity.

“These consequences may include me taking you right on this table or taking you back home tying you up and screwing the daylight out off you your choices baby.”

I could feel the lust dripping off every word rolling off his expert tongue. Despite our dispute I was still a bit mad at him but damn I was so hot right now, not even being stripped naked and being stranded in Antarctica could douse the burning desire within me.

He slowly but yet so sensually lowered his head and whispered in my ear huskily “Yes Alex I know you want me as much as I want you. If I had my own way I’d have you pinned under me writhing in pleasure.”

Before I could respond our waiter.. or should I say Brody’s new admirer returned with our food. We ate in silence until he eventually broke the booming silence between us. “Alex I know you’re probably still upset with me but my intentions weren’t to hurt you, I just thought that she was my past and no longer held any sort of importance to my life.” That got me thinking when we part ways when I leave for college would I be called ‘Not important enough to talk about’.

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