The Queen Returns

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The Queen Returns

{True P.o.v}

I sat in Rayne's car in front of my house.

I laughed without any humor and looked at Rayne.

"The sad part about this ,I have know idea where Kaiden is ? How am I suppose to tell him I lost the child,"I said letting all of my feeling out in front of my half brother

"It's alright ,the doctor said your going to be emotionally unstable,"he said and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm already Bipolar I was been emotionally unstable."

He chuckled and I smiled.

"Do me a favor , Please!" I asked.

"Remember how the other favor ended?"

"Yeah , but thid one isn't serious doesn't involve no heavy lifting I promise."

"Alright what is it,"he asked.

"Wait here , while I go change then you can take me to get my car and I'll let you go about your business,"I proposed.

"That's it?"he wondered.

"Yeah,that's it," I smiled.

"Alright then hurry up, I got to meet someone,so no long shits,"he said and I slapped the back of his head an got out the car.

I walked in to my house , it was extremely quiet and it's never like this.

It was so quiet no crying and no sounds of Harmony playing with her toys or the Tv being blasted.

I miss my kids already.

I took off my clothes and I took a quick nice shower.

i got out and walked in to my walk in closet and stared at all the girlie outfits I had on one side and all my boyish all black clothes on the other side.

That girly fit I hate them so much but I wear it for this damn disguise.

I creamed my body then through on my black thermal long sleeve shirt , my black sweats and my doc martens boots that were also black.

My hair is now a mixture of black and red , it sat nicely in curly curls that reached up to under my ears.

I was somewhat thinking about cutting it in to a Mohawk , but then again I like my curls.

I went into the safe in the far back of my closet and pulled out my guns.My favorite guns Desert Eagles. I took my gold chain out of it as well then closed it back up.

I stick-ed the guns in the back of my pants and clipped my chain on.

I walked out the house closing and locking the door behind me.

I got into the car with Rayne, and he looked at me then shook his head.

"Took your ass long enough."

"Yeah yeah yeah lets go!"

He drove back to my mums house fast as hell.

When we got there I slapped the back of his head and jumped out of the car closing the door.

"Thanks Bitch," I yelled.

"Be safe Hoe ! Oh and here's you car keys,"he said throwing them at me from the window and I caught it.

Skills !

I watched him as he drove away and looked at my surroundings.

I took a deep breath and then got in to my car.

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